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Ever wondered if skateboarding is legal (and safe!) in Saitama? The good news is yes and yes. And one place you can enjoy skateboarding in Saitama is Kamiya Park, which has a designated skateboard park. It opened a few months ago in the winter of 2015 in Konosu.

This multi-use park has a number of sporting facilities, it even has a stadium. The best part: it also has a brand new playground and a wading river which are almost completed. (Update 2017 – both are completed). Although, the park is still under construction you can use the playground freely.

Facility Map Kamiya Park skateboarding saitama skateboarding training camp tokyo 2020 olympics

The skateboarding area costs money, but for residents of Kounosu it is only 200 yen for school aged children and adults and 100 yen for preschoolers. For people who do not reside in Kounosu it costs 400 yen for adults and students and 200 yen for preschoolers.

The skateboarding facilities include a bowl (pictured above), banks, ramps and rails. This is double dutch to me, but according to the Saitama Prefecture official English Olympic site there is “a four foot bank, bank to bank, four foot quarter ramp, fused bank to bank, six foot quarter ramp, six foot bank, launch ramp, kinked rail and flat rail.”

Kamiya Skateboarding park in Konosu

They have skateboards and helmets to rent for an additional charge. They have skateboard lessons available too. It is open from 8am all year round (except New Years holidays) until 4pm in the winter and until 6pm in the summer.  The official website for the skate park (Japanese only):

Other sporting facilities in the park include a stadium, baseball pitch, tennis courts, a soccer pitch, street basketball court and a multi-purpose ground. The baseball pitch, soccer pitch, multi-purpose ground and tennis courts need to be booked and there is a small fee. General facilities include a club house,  free parking, walking paths, a lawn, toilets,  vending machines, a wading river and a playground. The playground is beside the skate park and wading river.

The playground is suited to smaller children. There is something in the playground to engage my younger kids aged 5, 3 and 1. However, although my 6 year old enjoyed it the first and only time he has been, I am not sure he would find the playground as enjoyable a second time. It is best suited to preschoolers.

Kamiya Skateboarding Park Information

Park Website: (Japanese only)
Skatepark Website: (Japanese only)

Address: 707 Kamiya, Kounosu, Saitama 365-0027

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