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Information for the 11th annual Kasukabe Yusuzumi Festa at Koenbashi in Kasukabe City, the home of Crayon Shinchan!

Yusuzumi is generally translated as “cool evening”, but is used to mean summer festival. For the record, it probably won’t be very cool at this summer festival at all! However, as the venue is by the river it might be a bit cooler than other locations in Saitama Prefecture. Saitama Prefecture is known as the Kingdom of Rivers. It is one of only eight (of 47) landlocked prefectures in all of Japan. But what we lack in seaside, we make up for in riverside! Saitama has the largest ratio of river to land in all of Japan at 3.9%. The Kasukabe Yusuzumi Festa is held along the Furutone river.

Kasukabe Yusuzumi Festa

The festival offers water sports and floating lanterns. Moreover, in 2023, for the first time in four years, they will also have a small firework display. This year they will also have wind chimes that you can decorate yourself. There is a “park” right on the river, by the Furutone Park Bridge. They call it a park, but it is really more like a wharf promenade. Here there is food stalls on the day.

>>Here’s a place you can take boats out on a lake for half the year<<


The food stalls are open from 3 pm to 8 pm. The game corner is open from 3 to 7 pm. From 3 to 6 pm – you can take the boats out and / or take a kayak lesson. They recommend that you book your slot in advance, booking opens on August 1st. You can do it on the day as well, but it it subject to availability. The lanterns and wind chimes that you can decorate yourself are also available from 3 to 6 pm. Last year they floated the lanterns down the Furutone river from 6 pm, but there is currently no mention of that in 2023. The fireworks are launched at 7 pm.


Event: Kasukabe Yusuzumi festa 2023 春日部夕涼みフェスタ in 公園橋

Date: Saturday August 19th 2023

Time: from 3 pm to about 8 pm

Cost: no admission fee, individual events may incur charges.

Venue: Furutone Park Bridge, Kasukabe, Saitama 344-0006. View on Google Maps.


The wharf is close to Kasukabe Station, it takes less than 10 minutes on foot.

Weather and / or the pandemic may effect this event. Please do always check with the Official website for any last minute changes or cancellations.


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