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For the second year in a row the Kawagoe Koedo Fireworks are cancelled. They were due to take place in the middle of August. The 2020 fireworks were actually cancelled well in advance due to concerns over safety with the Olympics being on. In 2021, they are being cancelled due to the pandemic. This year, 2021, it was the turn of Isanuma Park to host the fireworks. Each year Aina Water Park and Isanuma Park take turns hosting the event.

Kawagoe City announced on January 30th 2020 that they will not hold the annual fireworks over safety concerns with the Olympics being on.

Kawagoe Fireworks 2019 were on August 17th 2019.

The Kawagoe Fireworks alternate launch sites each year. They alternate between the embankment of the Iruma River in Aina Water Park and Isanuma Park. The Iruma river area in Aina Water Park is close to the Sayama City and Hidaka City borders. Isanuma River is relatively close to Nishi Ward in Saitama City.

Access Kawagoe Fireworks

For the Aina Water Park location the nearest stations are Kasahata and Matoba stations on the Kawagoe Line, but not the most convenient. Either the Sayama Shi or Shinsayama stations on the Seibu Shinjuku Line OR Tsurugashima Station on the Tobu Tojo line are more convenient has they have buses that go close to the viewing area.  However, each bus stop is a 10 to 20 minute walk to the site.

There are four separate official car parks. One is free, the others are charged. The free one is on the Kawagoe – Ogose road near Oroshi Urishijo entrance, in the area of Kawagoe’s number 8 public forest. For the charged car parking they recommend you book in advance. Like the buses, the car parks are also a good distance from the launch site.

For the Isanuma park location you also need to get a bus to near to the site as there are no railway stations nearby. Isanuma park has a car park and in the industrial site beside it there are several areas you can park.

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Make a day of it!

Less than 10 minutes in the car from the launch site for the Aina Water Park location:

Saiboku Ham and Hot Spring Resort

Kawagoe Aquatic / Water Park

Chikozan Park

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