Kawagoe Hanachozu Spring 2023

There are now various different places you can see “hanachozu”, floating flowers or floral water fonts, in Kawagoe City. Until 2021, it was mainly Kawagoe Hachimangu, Saimyouji and Sunny Side Terrace. The latter two started a hanachozu contest in 2021 and for the second photo contest later that year, Ayanoka joined them. Fast forward to spring 2023 and there are now TEN locations in the collaboration. In addition, there is also now a hanachozu stamp rally that an additional 12 locations participate in for a total of TWENTY TWO. Moreover, I’ve added a further eight places you can see hanachozu for a total of 30 Hanachozu locations in Kawagoe in this article.

Kawagoe Hanachozu

You are under no obligation to join in either the stamp rally or the photo contest, you can just use this post as a guide to where you can see hanachozu in Kawagoe City.

Kawagoe Hanachozu Stamp Rally

The stamp rally is on from Saturday March 4th until Friday March 31st. To participate in the stamp rally, you need to pick up a stamp rally flyer. You can do that at the station or any of the Kawagoe Tourism offices as well as at most of the participating venues. You will find a stamp by the hanachozu floating flower displays at each of the 22 locations. There are five different types of stamps including flower, bee and butterfly designs.

If you collect three types you can bring your completed stamp rally card to Kawagoe Station Tourist Information Center or Hon-Kawagoe Station Tourist Information Center. They have prizes such as an original flower water stamp rally, clear files and postcards. But there are limited numbers – first come, first served.

Photo Contest

The photo contest also starts on the 4th, but is on until Sunday May 7th. It is run by Saimyouji Temple. In order to enter you need to follow each of the ten participating location’s Instagram accounts. When you upload a photo of the hanachozu to Instagram you need to tag it with #川越花手水フォトコンテスト “Kawagoe hanachouzu footo contesuto”.

Information in Japanese on the official organizer, Saimyouji, website.

List of locations

Those that have further information available in English are linked. Just click on the name of the location to be brought to a detailed post, with access etc. There is also a Google MyMap with all locations at the bottom of the post.

The 10 official hanachozu of the Kawagoe Hanachozu Photo Contest:

  1. Saimyouji
  2. Kawagoe Hachimangu
  3. Sunny Side Terrace
  4. Ayanoka
  5. Mucadeya
  6. Unicus Kawagoe
  7. Lumine Kawagoe
  8. JR Kawagoe Station
  9. Seibu Railway Hon Kawagoe Station
  10. Une Brise

The additional 12 in the stamp rally:

  1. Homemade Bakery Nicori
  2. Nakain
  3. Tennuma
  4. Former Yamazaki House
  5. Koedo Kurari
  6. Matsumoto Soy Sauce
  7. Fuji Asama Shrine
  8. Kawagoe Kou Sushi
  9. Yuno Udon
  10. Koedo Bon Appetit
  11. Ura Niwa Flower
  12. Cha Soba Kotobukian Kuranomachi Store

Not participating in either the stamp rally or the photo contest, but have hanachozu:

  1. Renkeiji
  2. Fueki Soy Sauce
  3. Remains of Fujimi Turret
  4. Kore ga kakigori
  5. Tennenji
  6. Maruhiro
  7. Myoushouji
  8. Kingyotei

A special shout out to…

Saimyouji and Kawagoe Hachimangu who have played a key role in the prevalence of, and interest in, hanachozu in Kawagoe:


Located on the outskirts of Kawagoe, beside Kawagoe Park, Saimyouji take the art of floating flowers to a whole different level. Of the floating flowers I have seen in Saitama Prefecture, I rate the ones at Saimyouji very high. Definitely in my personal top three. We have Saimyouji to thank for the hanachozu photo contest. There is also a Happy Woman Festa event coming up at the temple, on the 8th of March. And each month on the 19th is “pink” day…

Kawagoe Hachimangu


Event: Kawagoe Hanachozu 川越花手水

Date: Hanachozu Stamp Rally – March 3rd to March 31st. Hanachozu Photo Contest – March 3rd to May 7th.

Time: various, depending on the location

Cost: free to view, free to participate

Venue: Various around Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture


From any of Kawagoe City’s stations, particularly those in the tourist area – Kawagoe, Hon Kawagoe and Kawagoeshi stations. There is free parking for tourists on Isanuma Street off route 254 near Honmaru Goten – on Google Maps.

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