Kimono Rental Kawagoe – There are several places to rent a kimono in Kawagoe. And what better place to rent one, than in an old Edo town. Furthermore, Kawagoe is a town famous for its history in fabric trading. Moreover, a unique type of fabric “Kawagoe Tozan” was founded in Kawagoe. To this day Kawagoe citizens are proud of their “kawatou”, the loving nickname for Kawagoe Tozan, fabric.

Kimono Rental Kawagoe

There has been quite an increase in Kimono rental shops in Kawagoe in the last few years. You can rent kimono or the lighter material yukata. You can also opt to have your hair and make-up done. Several have additional services too, such as photo packages. At the most basic, they will dress you in the kimono / yukata. Dressing in Kimono, particularly with backdrop of this old town, makes for beautiful photos and memories.

Kawagoe Kimono Day

Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of kimono wearing in Kawagoe, is “Kimono Day”. What started out as a once a month campaign, is now so popular they run it three times a month. Each month, the 8th, 18th and 28th are Kawagoe Kimono Day. However, it is only on the 18th, the original date of the campaign, that people dressed in kimono can receive discounts and services available in participating stores.

The campaign is so popular that it now has its own website. There you can find information (currently in the Japanese language only) of all the participating stores. It also shares information of special events held on the campaign days. Such as “kimono hatsumode” celebrated in January. Update 2021: please note that due to the State of Emergency and pandemic, there have been few discounts or special events in the last year.

Kawagoe Kimono Rental Shops

Prices vary greatly, so please to do see the individual websites for the most up-to-date price information. Generally speaking, yukata is cheaper and you can often get a yukata set for around 2000 yen. A kimono set (with sandals, ornamental hair pin etc) is generally around 5000 yen.

A selection of four (of several) Kimono Rental Shops in Koedo (Coedo) Kawagoe:

Rental Kimono Kanda

Kawagoe kimono rental Kanda

More than just a kimono rental store, Kanda actually sell kimono and kimono accessories too. Furthermore, it is located right in the heart of the old town, on Ichibangai. Moreover it is beside the excellent Tsubaki no Kura souvenir shop, which has a foot spa cafe with a zen garden with Japanese parasols. It would make a nice spot for a photo in your kimono!

foot spa cafe tsubaki no kura in kawagoe
Footspa cafe next door to Kanda Kimono Rental, Kawagoe

Official English web page

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Kimono rental shop Yuzuya gets rave reviews on Google Maps. Its no wonder it was chosen for a Live Japan Award in 2018. It is so popular it has two branches within the tourist area of Kawagoe. The Shintomi branch is for women only. The main branch serves both men and women. Men can rent “hakama”.

Official English website

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Vivian Kimono Rental

The unassuming Vivian Kimono Rental is near the Bell Tower area, with one of Japan’s most famous Starbucks. It has been around for as long as I can remember. It may well be the oldest kimono rental shop in Kawagoe? You’d easily walk past it on the days they don’t have the mannequin (photo on the right) out on the street.

Official website

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Koto Kimono Rental

Earlier this year (2016) a new Kimono Rental shop opened on the main tourist strip of Koedo (little Edo) Kawagoe. It was housed in a refurbished building down a quaint alley, at first. However, it has moved to near Crea Mall. Crea Mall is the shopping street that leads from Kawagoe Station. Koto is located behind the famous Musashino Bank.

Official English web page | Chinese language web page.

On Google Maps


The Koto Kimono Rental shop that is featured above, was originally located in a quaint alleyway off the main tourist street. Koto has moved, but there is a Turkish store “Turkey Bazaar” that sells beautiful Turkish lamps and glassware. Moreover, there is a lovely cafe there too, since 2021:

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