Kawagoe Remix

Kawagoe Remix is coming back in 2022 for the first time in 3 years. However, unfortunately, it is a lite version of the usual event. Essentially Kawagoe Remix is normally a music, art, food and light up event. In 2022, it is mainly just a music event.

Kawagoe Remix in 2022

It used to be held in November, but in 2018 it was changed to September. It wasn’t on in 2020 or 2021, but it will be held in September 2022. However, in 2022, Kawagoe Remix won’t have the light installations. Furthermore, there is no mention of the food element of the event either. The 2022 event will be more a music event than a food or light up one. They will only light up Saitama Resona bank for the 2022 event. (Insert crying face!)

A merit of the event changing from November to September is that there is little other light up events in September. The Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine light up event finished on September 4th and the Autumn light up around Saitama Prefecture generally doesn’t start until later in Autumn. However, Kawagoe Kumano Shrine have their festival lanterns up from September 15th.

Kawagoe Remix in a usual year

Before the pandemic: The festival is normally a mix of art, music and food appreciation.  The event area is usually pedestrianized for most of the weekend as some of the light installations and some art are displayed in the center of the main tourist street in Ichibangai (see map below). Also, some of the famous buildings are illuminated for the occasion too. In addition, there are usually light displays and illumination in the rest areas too. They turn the lights on in the installations from 5 pm.

They have live music throughout the day and night in various locations in the area. A number of restaurants participate in the Kawagoe Remix food fair discount booklet (no mention of this for 2022 either). You can purchase a booklet of tickets that allows you discounted meals in participating restaurants. This year there is also a bar discount booklet, for nine participating bars in Kawagoe. You can purchase the ticket at any 7-11 convenience store. One of the participating restaurants is Hatsuneya Garden:

—Happy Infusion of Food, Sound and Light

Again, pre-pandemic information: The layout for the live music is the same as last year – two main stages marked in dark blue circles in the map below. The yellow indicates places with light up displays.

Kawagoe remix
The live stage areas are in dark blue

In 2015 when we first visited it wasn’t too crowded, but there was a great atmosphere accentuated by the illuminated installations and live music.  The kids really enjoyed the light up and a few street performers that were entertaining people. We also got handed a few freebies on the street.  Getting home was difficult though as traffic and public transport had been disrupted, but other than that it was a great evening out.

2022 Information

Date: Resona Bank will be lit up from Thursday September 22nd to Sunday September 25th. The live performances are scheduled for Saturday September 24th and Sunday September 25th only.

Time: the light up is on from 5 pm to 10 pm. The live performances are from 4.40 pm on Saturday and from 3.30 pm on Sunday. On both days, they will finish at 8 pm.

Location: the live performances are being held at Renkeiji.

Inquires by phone to: 049-227-9496

Official website.

Kawagoe Remix Access

About a 15 minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Station.

Approximately an 11 minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Shi Station.

Approximately an 9 minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe Station.

Points of Interest in Kawagoe

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