Styrofoam Art in Kawagoe

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Kawagoe is a very popular tourist area in Saitama, about 30 minutes by train from Ikebukuro station in Tokyo. There is a lot to do in the tourist area of Kawagoe and a wealth of information about it on the web.  However, I want to introduce a little known fact about the art in the popular tourist area.  Around the area of “kashiya yokocho“, literally meaning sweet (candy) alley, there are a number of giant and life size animal replicas. They are all made out of styrofoam!

The artist, Yajima Kimio, retired early from his Kawagoe City Hall position, to indulge in his passion. I, for one, am glad he did. The displays change over time, so you never know when a new one will appear or an old one will be moved. Most of his work is displayed in Kawagoe, but you can also find some of his work in other parts of Saitama.

I got some of his work this past weekend. I realise after reading his blog tonight, I missed a few pieces. A good incentive, not that I need one, to go back to Kawagoe sooner rather than later. You can find Mr Yajima’s blog here:
You can see some more of his work on this (unrelated) blog here:

Sweet Street:

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4 comments on “Styrofoam Art in Kawagoe

  1. Sha

    I did a day trip to kawagoe on my own once. It was a wonderful trip even though I couldn’t really speak Japanese. I loved the old buildings there, the many varieties of sweet potato options and also the candy lane as you mentioned! ????

    1. Elle Post author

      I hadn’t done the tourist thing there for a while and I was surprised by the new additions. The old town has such a buzz about it too and some really great characters many of who speak some EngJish. It really is a lovely day out ☺

    1. Elle Post author

      I know, right? I was checking and double checking on the artist’s website that I had got the right ones.

      Thank you so much for commenting.


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