Kawagoe Aqua Park Kawagoe Aquatic Park Saitama Pools summer pools

Kawagoe Aquatic / Aqua Park aka Kawagoe Suijo Kouen, or Kawagoe Water Park, is one of the bigger and most popular summer pools in Saitama. In 2022, Walker listed it as the 5th most popular aqua park in all of Japan. In addition, now that several pools have closed permanently, it is one of the few public pools left in Saitama Prefecture. This year, for the first time in four years, the pools will open for 7 weeks – they only opened for 5.5 weeks in 2022 and were closed in 2021 and 2020.

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⚠This post is specifically about the pools. All other information (general, sakura, spider lilies, swan boats, autumn leaves, BBQ etc) is contained in the Kawagoe Park post.

Features of Kawagoe Aqua Park

Pools and slides include:

  • Diving pool
  • Flowing pool
  • Aqua snake
  • Linear slider
  • Venture slider
  • “Chibikko Pool”
  • Infant poll
  • Multipurpose pool
  • Wave pool

One of the main attractions of Kawagoe water / aqua park is the pool with waves. It is inclined; the shallow end starts at 0 and the deep end is 1.6 meters. The waves come every 10 minutes. Another popular feature of the water park is the large ship in the center of the park. And the various slides are very popular too.

For small children there is a pool that is only 30cm, pictured below, and it has 2 small slides. My kids are in this one, somewhere!  Nappies/ Diapers are ok in this pool.

Kawagoe Aqua Park Kawagoe Aquatic Park Saitama Pools summer pools
Children’s pool, 30cm deep with two slides

There is also a 60cm pool with a fountain suited to kindergarten aged children:

Kawagoe aquatic park
Click to enlarge

Other features include fountains, jets, sprays and a wading river at different points in the park. There is also a general pool. You can use a small pop up tent in the park, in fact, most Japanese people do. We may have been the only ones without, the first time we went! There is limited shaded areas in the park, so these pop up tents are very practical and for my Irish skin 100% essential!

kawagoe aqua park
A sea of tents

Facilities and services

During the summer there is a normally special bus that runs to the park from Kawagoe and Honkawagoe stations to Kawagoe Aqua Park. There are 2 restaurants, 2 kiosks and a number of vans that sell food and drink. They also have a shop that sells pool goods. There is a shower and locker room and plenty of toilets. You can play tennis, futsal and soccer. There are a number of events held over the summer including snorkeling classes. There is a no tattoo policy (see photo below). You can get a full list, in Japanese, plus more information on the official website.

tattoo policy at a pool in kawagoe japan
Click to enlarge and read

2023 information


They will open for the July Bank holiday weekend and then from Saturday July 22nd to Sunday September 3rd. The July bank holiday weekend is from the 15th to the 17th. There will be no tickets at the gate again in 2023:

In 2023, just like in 2022, it is necessary to purchase a dated ticket in advance. There are no tickets at the gate. The tickets for each date go on sale at 1 pm, seven days in advance. So, for example, tickets for July 15th go on sale at 1 pm on July 8th. Tickets can be bought at 7-11 convenience stores or online at Asoview.

Opening Hours

They are opening from 9 am to 5.30 pm. Which is similar to pre pandemic times. Last year, they only opened 10 am to 5 pm. However, in 2023 they still have staggered entry times. You can not enter before the entry time on your ticket. There are six entry times: 9 am, 9.30 am, 10 am, 10.30 am, 11 am and 11.30 am.

Kawagoe summer pools events – in a normal year

During the time the pool is open there are normally some events and classes on. They were not on in 2022 and they have not yet been confirmed – nor denied – for 2023!

  • A taiko performance from 11 to 11.40 am on the opening weekend.
  • Around the weekend closest to July 20th: Snorkeling classes (book in advance)
  • Last weekend in July: Snorkeling classes (pre-booking is recommended)
  • Last week of July : Scuba Diving classes
  • Early August: Aqua dance
  • Mid August: Aqua dance

Kawagoe summer pools cost

¥730 yen for adults, ¥210 yen for children of school going age, children under 7 are free. Family ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids is 1670 yen. Parking costs 840 yen for the day or 1670 for anything larger than a mini van. Small lockers cost 100 yen for the day. Large lockers are 200 yen for the day.


You can get a bus from the West exit of JR Kawagoe Station, bound for Kawagoe Suijo Koen. Or you can walk from Nishikawagoe station. If you come by car, there is plenty of parking. However, due to the popularity of the pools, parking can fill up pretty quickly. As per above, parking costs ¥840 for the day. (Parking is only charged during the pool season, its free the rest of the year).


More information about the park and its facilities:

Information for Kawagoe locals looking for a low key, cheap pool, but not available in 2022.

Official website

Even more pools

Editor’s note: In 2021, they planned to open, had even started selling advance tickets, but then a state of emergency was declared and that was the end of that!

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