The advertisement for the 2022 Kawagoe Tojin Soroi festival says ‘for the first time in 3 years’. But the festival was actually on in part in 2021. However, there was no parade and that is typically the main feature of the festival. This year will be more like a usual year, but shorter.

Kawagoe Tojinsoroi Parade

Tojin Soroi is a foreign procession reenacting a Korean diplomatic mission. The area of Ichibangai in Kawagoe is pedestrianized for the annual parade of historic and traditional Asian clothes.  Some of the participating International groups play traditional music from their country as they parade the tourist area. It is a very colourful and child friendly parade.

In 2022, the festival is on Sunday November 13th from noon to 3 pm, so about two hours shorter than normal. Ichibangai will be pedestrianized from 12 until 2.30 pm.

Traditional performances at Kawagoe Tojin Soroi
Tojin Soroi November 13th 2011!

About 300 people participate in the parade. There is live music and performances in the parade and on Ichibangai, but the main performances are usually at Renkeiji.

Kawagoe Tojinsoroi Parade Schedule 2022

The festival starts with an opening ceremony at Renkeiji. Then the parade departs from there at 12.30 and makes it way back at 2 pm. The closing ceremony is at Renkeiji around 3 pm.

Official website

Another traditional event coming up in Kawagoe: Kawagoe Yabusame.


Ichibangai is the main tourist strip in Kawagoe, accessible from Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe station and Seibu Shinjuku Line Hon-Kawagoe station. The latter is closest, approximately a 12 minute walk.  In both stations there are tourist information centres and volunteers who will happily provide you with a walking map or direct you to a bus station with details where to alight. Please note as the main tourist strip is closed to traffic for this festival there will be a lot of congestion and you can’t alight on the main tourist strip itself.

The information was up-to-date and accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publishing. Please check with the official site for any last minute changes to the plans or schedule.


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