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This guide is currently undergoing a remake, please bear with me until it is finished. I have some of the information live so that people can get some ideas of what to do when visiting Kawagoe. And the full list of all the Kawagoe posts on this blog are hyperlinked below.


Page 1…Introduction
Page 2…Ichibangai
Page 3…Penny Candy Alley
Page 4…Shrines and Temples
Page 5…Kawagoe with Kids
Page 6…Museums and educational facilities
Page 7…Shopping
Page 8…Dining, food and drink
Page 9…Festivals
Page 10…Seasonal Attractions (New Year, Setsubun, Hanami etc)

You can navigate to a page by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the post ↓ under the sharing buttons.

Under construction

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