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Kawagoe cafes

A selection of the best ten cafes that opened in 2023 in Kawagoe

1. One for the Ghibli lovers

Ok, so this one is actually a bar, but they do serve food. And not any old food, but food from your favorite Ghibli movies. Moreover, they have a corridor of wind chimes on the staircase. Koedo Kawagoe Furin Sakaba, or wind chime bar, is certainly one not to miss if you are either a wind chime or Ghibli lovers! Official web page on tabelog.

2. For piercing Instagram photos

3. Another one for wind chime fans

We will be bringing you numbers 4 to 10 real soon, stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our selection of the best ten Kawagoe cafes that opened during the pandemic;

Opened during the pandemic

A selection of the ten best cafes that opened during the pandemic in Koedo Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

1. A goldfish themed cafe

2. Miffy themed bakery

3. A taste of Turkey – the country that is!

4. Baum Kuchen from famous soy sauce company

5. Instabae Mrs Hamburger

6. Kakigori x Crafts Cafe!

7. Homemade treats in rural Kawagoe

8. Kominka Cafe

9. Trendy coffee shop

10. Cafe with Old style caramel creme

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