Shrines and Temples

This guide is currently undergoing a remake, please bear with me until it is finished. I have some of the information live so that people can get some ideas of what to do when visiting Kawagoe. And the full list of all the Kawagoe posts on this blog are hyperlinked below.

Kawagoe, like any city rich in history, has a variety of shrines and temples. Each offering something unique. On the first of the month you can do the “Seven Lucky Gods” pilgrimage and visit seven shrines each with their own Lucky God.

Hikawa Shrine

No visit to Kawagoe is complete without a visit to Hikawa shrine. The shrine from where the famous Kawagoe festival originated. Steeped in history with a secret national treasure locked within, the temple has made a name for itself with all the seasonal events it runs.

Annual wind chimes event:

Boat ride under cherry blossoms at the back of Hikawa Shrine:

Tanabata at Hikawa Shrine:

Nakain Temple

Coming Soon

Kitain Temple

Another of Kawagoe’s important and great historic buildings, housing the last remains of Iemitsu’s birthplace, has several points of interest as well as excellent annual events.

One of my personal favourites – the cherry blossom festival at Kitain Temple:

Another great event (see also “Kawagoe with kids”) the annual setsubun mamemaki festival:


A fun place to visit with kids (see more on Kawagoe with kids page):


Coming soon

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