kawazu zakura Ageo

A small but beautiful display of Kawazu zakura cherry blossoms in Ageo City

Kawazu Zakura Ageo

There are dozens of places to see kawazu zakura around the Kanto plain. But in Saitama as far as I know we don’t have that many large displays. The largest is possibly the 2.5 kilometer long display along the Aogehara River in the Washinomiya area of Kuki. Sumiyoshi has a kilometer of kawazu zakura but unfortunately they tend to only bloom once every four years. Next door to Ageo in Okegawa there is a beautiful 1.2 kilometer stretch of kawazu zakura. But unfortunately (and unusually) they didn’t really bloom this year.

>>Even more places for Kawazuzakura in Saitama Prefecture.

kawazu zakura at Koizumi Hikawasan park in Ageo
Kawazu zakura at Koizumi Hikawasan park in Ageo City, Saitama

Thankfully there are plenty of places you can see smaller displays. For example, in Yatsu no Sato in Namegawa or the area on the Kamakura Kaido in Kitamoto. In Kawagoe there is a stunning display in Sembagashi Historic park. And great news for anyone in Ageo – there are at least two places to see early bloomers. Ageo Maruyama Park has some really beautiful ones by the main playground. But there is also a lovely display of kawazu zakura in Koizumi Hikawasan Park. They bloom from around the end of February to mid March. So if you are looking for somewhere just to take photos of, or see a few, early blooming kawazu zakura cherry blossoms, Koizumi Hikawasan park might be an option for you.

Koizumi Hikawasan Park

Koizumi Hikawasan Park is just a small park around a sporting ground. Normally it wouldn’t be the type of place I would share to the blog. However, the kawazu zakura cherry blossoms there are really beautiful. Hence, it gets a blog post of its own! There aren’t that many, but they are very photogenic. They are planted on each side of the sports ground.

Furthermore, the park is actually currently undergoing some improvements. Nothing spectacular, but they’ve put in a nice new playground. In addition, they have replaced the old exercise equipment. That equipment is still under wraps, but it looks like they are almost ready to open that section again. Furthermore, they are making some new walkways. They’ve also put in a new car park in front of the toilets, which used to be just wasteland.

kawazu zakura at koizumihikawasan park in ageo
New car park behind some of the mature kawazu zakura

I went to visit the kawazu zakura today, March 9th 2021. I was too late for them in previous years. Thanks to a post on Instagram I remembered to check them out and caught them just in time. They are starting to turn green. I wanted to see the improvements to the park too, so it was great timing for both. They are still working away on the park, but the car park has been completed and the new playground equipment is accessible. Moreover, the mature kawazu zakura have gone unscathed and look even more beautiful than anticipated!

Address:1−452-3 Koizumi, Ageo, Saitama 〒362-0063
Phone:Ageo City Hall – 048-775-5111
Hours:24 hours
Online:Ageo City website


  1. So striking. What a nice sharing, when all many people can do recently is seeing it digitally. 🙂 <3

    1. Author

      Thank you so much. So many missing sakura viewing and hanami this year 😥 I hope others can enjoy virtual sakura this year too ☺️

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