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Information for the Kazo Dontokoi Festival, a summer festival, in 2023.

Kazo Dontokoi Festival

A local two day summer evening festival on in mid July annually in Kazo City. The Dontokoi festival has Mikoshi portable shrines and festival floats. There is also a children’s mikoshi at this festival, on the Saturday night. The festival floats play traditional music while masked dancers performing sacred dances. Moreover, the festival floats have beautiful lanterns on them.

Dontokoi is one of those expressions that’s hard to translate into English. It is more an exclamation than a word! In this case though, I suppose its probably used to mean something like “Come on”! “Kazo Come on Festival”! Sounds wrong in English, but it has a good ring to it in Japanese.

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Event: Kazo Dontokoi Festival かぞ どんとこい!祭り

Dates: Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th 2023

Time: from 5 to 9.30 pm

Cost: free

Venue: Around the North exit of Kazo Station, 1-chōme-1 Chūō, Kazo, Saitama 347-0055. View on Google Maps.


The festival area is close to the Tobu Isesaki line Kazo Station’s North exit. Please note if you are coming by car the area will be very congested and some of the road’s closed off.

Official event page

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