Keiai Hospital Ladies Clinic Lobby
Keiai Hospital Fujimi Saitama
Keiai Hospital Fujimi

Keiai Hospital, or as I like to call it Keiai Ladies Hotel, is a maternity and ladies clinic in Fujimi City in Saitama.  They also have a pharmacy and a pediatric clinic on the main premises and nearby they have a dental clinic too.  It is a family run hospital, yet it is exceptionally modern while keeping a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. In 2022 – 2023, they are building a brand new pediatric hospital on the grounds.

**At one point there was also a fertility clinic, but it was relocated from the main Keiai Maternity Hospital around 2015 and the pediatric clinic was moved into that larger space.

My youngest daughter and I in a promotional video for Keiai

I have had two four babies at the Keiai hospital and am about to have my third there. and even feature in some of their promotional and maternity videos!!

Keiai Ladies Clinic Lobby
The foyer of Keiai Hospital

All of my antenatal and postnatal care has been at this hospital.  My children’s paediatrician practises there too.  I can not recommend this hospital high enough, between it’s excellent medical care, superior personal care, choice of ante- / postnatal classes, quality of services and pristine modern facilities as well as much much more.

Keiai Hospital

The ladies clinic is separated into three parts; Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Anesthesiology. The Obstetrics Department looks after pre and postnatal care including labour and delivery and antenatal classes for Mother and postnatal classes for both Mother and child. 

The Gynaecology department offers general outpatient gynaecology care as well as family planning, fertility, menopause consultation, cervical cancer screening and gynecological surgery.  The anesthesiology department administers the epidural and anesthesia for surgery.

Keiai Hospital Hours

Reception is open from 8.30 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 16.30 Monday through to Saturday.  Doctor’s official hours are from 9.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 17.00, although they see people through lunch if you have checked in before 12.00.  The phone number is 049-252-2121.

Afternoons are generally less busy than mornings.  Due to its popularity, it is not uncommon to have to wait upto two hours, and sometimes more, to see the Doctor during the morning hours. Afternoons patient flow tends to be a lot quicker.

Keiai Hospital Obstetrics Department

There are 6 doctors on at any one time in the Obstetrics Department.  You can request to see a particular Doctor.  There is at least one English speaking Doctor.  I speak Japanese to the Doctors, but when I don’t understand a particular word they are always able to tell me the English equivalent.  There are at least three female ob/gyns. In total, I believe there are 14 ob/gyns including the Director of the hospital.

Some of the nurses also have a bit of English.  There is a nurses station beside the examination rooms, a non-stress test (NST) room, an x-ray room, a 4D scan room and other examination rooms in the obstetrics out patients on the ground floor.

Keiai Hospital Facilities

There are a number of family facilities on site. On the ground floor there is a family toilet with nappy changing unit and a seat that you can place children upto 15 kilos into, pictured on the left, while you use the facilities! There is also a feeding room near that toilet with instant boiled water available, another nappy changing area, sink, microwave and comfortable seats.

There is a coffee shop for patron’s use toward the back of the hospital. It also houses a baby shop. There is a small garden with a patio and terrace furniture for everybody’s use.  They have a playroom that also offers child minding, beside the pediatrics’ clinic on the ground floor. There is also a playground on the premises for patrons use.  When you stay after giving birth there is a family shower room available, if you choose to have your family stay over.  (That’s a whole other post yet to come!).

Keiai Hospital Cost

Food at keiai

Prenatal visits are covered by the book of coupons you receive from your local government. For more information on that please see the prefectural guide to living in Saitama here.   The cost of birthing at Keiai completely depends on what type of birth you choose and what type of room you opt for.

Room prices (exclusive of medication or surgery costs) for 4 nights for a vaginal birth start at approximately 540,000 and for the 8 night standard stay for a cesarean they start at approximately 600,000, of which 420,000 is covered by the national health insurance.  

The grand suite is huge, this is only half of the main room

They have a standard room as well as deluxe rooms, premium rooms and the grand suite.  All rooms have a toilet en suite, but the standard room does not have a shower. There is a public shower and refresh room available.  All rooms have a pull out bed that for 2,500円 can be made up for a family member to stay overnight. The grand suite can hold multiple guests.

For each additional child you have at Keiai you get a discount. For a second child there is a 20,000円 discount, this is my third child so I will receive a 30,000円 discount.  All meals (their food is absolutely out of this world!) are free for Mom and you receive 3 free meal coupons.   I will do a separate post about the meals and costs for guests in the future.

Keiai Hospital Stay

Giving birth at the Keiai Hospital is a truly wonderful experience for me. However, everyone has their own expectations and wishes for their pregnancy / birthing experience. Please do always check early on in your pregnancy that a maternity hospital is a good fit for your pregnancy / birthing needs. But if you do go with Keiai – there’s lots to look forward to! For example, the food is as good if not better than a Michelin restaurant. And the pampering equals anything you’ll find in a 5 star hotel, with the massages and hair dos! Please read the diaries of my experience to see just how amazing it is:

Keiai Hospital Access

Keiai hospital has parking available near the entrance of the obstetrics and gynaecology departments as well as a large car park around the back.  There are two free shuttle bus services. One from Mizuhodai Train station which is on the Tobu Tojo Line and Yurakucho Subway and Fukutoshin Subway Lines and one form Yanasegawa Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.  You can also walk from Mizuhodai Station, it takes about 20 minutes. The address is 526-1 Harigaya in Fujimi City.

Keiai Hospital Official website

Can you get an epidural in Japan?

Yes. However, it is not as readily available as it is in other countries, so you have to research which hospital will let you have it. Also, please note, often even those that do offer the epidural require that you have a scheduled birth.

Where can you get an epidural in Saitama?

Keiai Maternity Hospital in Fujimi City offers the epidural by scheduled birth. You can get it even with your first delivery. Aiwa Maternity Hospital also has the epidural, but they will not allow people take it on a first delivery. You can only get an epidural at Aiwa from the second or subsequent birth.


  1. Woooooow!SO envious but how lovely that we know that you are in very good hands:)

  2. I am planning on going to this hospital myself; it’s my husband’s and my first child and I was comforted by your glowing reviews! It is the most easily located hospital for us but I have not gone in yet cause of the the New Year and I have been a little nervous because of my lack of Japanese proficiency.

    1. Author

      Hi Anne, I am so glad that you found some of the information useful. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Its by no means perfect and there may be some things that don’t suit you, but from what I can tell it is one of the best maternity hospitals in Kanto. And the staff are so friendly and caring to boot. Enjoy!!

      1. Except for it being piano tuning day, I was very happy with the first visit! Everyone was very patient and helpful even though I was nervous. Next step: register the pregnancy!

        1. Author

          Oh yes, and get your Mother-child handbook! Enjoy it all!
          I hope its not too busy when you are visiting. That is the downside; sometimes due to its popularity there is a long wait time.

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