Kenkatsu Railway Fair 2024

The annual Kenkatsu Railway Fair will take place in 2024 for the first time in four years. This free event has been greatly missed by many train lovers. The location, which is an absolute mouthful, is Saitama Prefectural Citizens Activities General (Total) Center. The Japanese version is just as long, Saitamaken kenmin katsudo sougou center, so everyone just calls it “Kenkatsu” for short! “Ken” which means prefecture in Japanese and “katsu” which means activity. The premises is located in Ina town.

Kenkatsu Railway Fair

It is quite a large festival with not only train related activities, crafts and documentaries, but food and “B gourmet” too. There’s even a convenience store in the event hall. For anyone with babies: they have a “akachan no eki”, a room with facilities such as diaper changing units. Kids can try various crafts and participate in different educational events. They have a mini steam locomotive and an electric locomotive at the event too. They cost just 100 yen to ride. And there is a great stamp rally corner.


Event: Kenkatsu Railway Fair けんかつ鉄道フェア2024

Date: Sunday February 11th 2024

Time: from 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee, bring some yennie to buy food and / or enjoy a mini train ride!

Venue: Saitama Prefecture Citizens Activities General (Total) Center 埼玉県県民活動総合センター、 6-26 Uchijukudai, Ina Town, Kitaadachi District, Saitama 〒362-0812 Saitama. View on maps.


You can get a free bus from the nearest station; Uchijuku on the New Shuttle Line. Or you can walk from the station. It takes about 15 minutes on foot. You can also take a “kenchan” bus bound for the centre from the west exit of Hasuda station or the east exit of Okegawa station.

There is parking available if you are coming by car. It costs 400 yen for the day.

For more event in Saitama, please see the main event pages.

Editor’s note: This post was temporarily removed from the site after the event in 2020 and until 2024. It was republished on February 4th 2024.

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