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Kid’s Land US is a great chain of kids play centers, this post is about the Kids Land US in Kawagoe. There are four branches currently in Saitama Prefecture, but unfortunately much less than there were in 2018. Thankfully, this branch in Hon Kawagoe station remains. It opened around 2019, after the branch in Modi Kawagoe closed in 2018. The photos in this post are actually from the Modi Kawagoe branch, but the Pepe Hon Kawagoe station branch is quite similar. This branch is still open in April 2024, but please note the prices in this post are from the original 2019 post. You can get the most up-to-date prices on the official website which is linked in the information section.

About Kid’s US Land

Membership details for Kid’s US Land

Kid’s US Land is part of a franchise with over 120 stores throughout Japan. Once you become member of one, you can use any branch with the same membership card. The membership card costs 300 yen *each* (2019 price), but it is an once off payment. You do not have to pay an annual renewal fee like so many other play centers. It is also quick and easy to make the card; they do not require you to fill out any form. You simply have to sign your name to the back of the card you are given. However, each family member must make a card and if you forget a card on a day that you visit, it costs 100 yen to receive a temporary membership card. If you can’t read Japanese, they have information in English at the reception desk.

Kids Land US Kawagoe

Kid’s Land US Pepe Hon-kawagoe branch replaced the one that was in Kawagoe Modi from around 2017 to 2018. Of the three I have been to, the Kawagoe branch is the smallest. Higashimatsuyama and Kamifukuoka branches were much bigger, but both of them closed during the pandemic. Thankfully on April 27th 2024 a brand new, large branch opened in Nishi Omiya Saitama City. While the Kawagoe branch may not be as big as that branch, it is much more convenient – located in Hon Kawagoe station. It is located on the second floor of Seibu Hon Kawagoe Pepe. It is most suited to toddlers and preschoolers. There isn’t enough in this branch to engage older children for an extended period.

Kids US Land Kawagoe

(**I have no affiliation to Kid’s US Land, I do not get anything in exchange for my endorsements, all opinions expressed are my own honest observations, the information provided was true {to the best of my knowledge} at the time of publishing).


2019: Everything in the play center is included in the price, even the video games and massage chairs. It costs 100 yen (before tax) for 15 minutes of play. That is 100 yen for a child older than two (children under two are FREE) and another 100 yen for an adult. If you are planning to stay longer than an hour and 45 minutes on a weekday, it works out cheaper to get the “one day passport”. It is 800 yen per child and 480 yen per adult. On the weekend they don’t have an one day passport for children, just a three hour pack for 980 yen. 

With all packages and fees you are given a neck strap to wear to identify you have paid in. The basic price system you pay as you leave the premises and give back the neck strap then.  With the day passport, you pay in advance and you are free to go and come as you please. You can even go home and come back if you like! If you are planning to leave though, you can give in your neck strap and hold onto your receipt. The receipt allows you to come back at any time during the same day.

Further information is available on the Kid’s US Land brand website. If you have a child with a disability and have a caretaker notebook you (the named caretaker) can enter for free.

Hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Official web page for this branch.


This branch is located right in Pepe Hon-Kawagoe, that is Seibu Hon Kawagoe Station.

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