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Kisai Hydrangea Season in Kazo, Saitama Prefecture, in 2021. Until May 13th 2021 the annual hydrangea festival at The Way of the Wisteria and Hydrangea in Kazo was scheduled to go ahead. However, sometime between then and May 28th the prefecture posted a notification to say that the festival will not go ahead. However, currently (May 28th) they are saying its okay to visit the location, there will just be no festival. Last year, 2020, viewing wasn’t even possible, so at least this year – at the moment – it seems like viewing will be possible.

Kisai Hydrangea Festival Highlights

The festival isn’t that well known and is quite small, you would only need about half an hour at the site. But the promenade is beautiful and stretches for a kilometer and a half. About 400 meters on the hydrangea way from the castle and the rest on the other side of Kisai Sogo Park. More detail and photos for the other hydrangea areas here.

kisai hydrangea festival rickshaw hydrangea castle

The Kisai Hydrangea road is very photogenic and “instagrammable” with hydrangea lining the rice fields with the ruins of Kisai Shiroyama Park castle in the background. There are an estimated 10,000 hydrangea.

In a “normal” year, you can take a rickshaw ride at this event. You can also rent bikes. There are volunteer guides on hand. And there is usually a stamp rally. However, none of these elements will be available in 2021.


You can get a bus from Tobu Isesaki Line Kazo station bound for the driver’s licensing center in Konosu. Alight at the Kisai Hydrangea road bus stop. It takes about ten minutes on foot from the bus stop.

When the festival is on they have a temporary car parking arrangement. However, in 2021 as there is no festival there is also no official parking for this event.

Official event webpage

Also in Kazo in June – Ukiya No Sato Iris festival

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