Kitamoto Tomato Curry Festival

In Japan everywhere has to be famous for something right? About 90 years ago, Kitamoto decided tomatoes were up for grabs and duly picked that as their something to be famous for. And what better way to celebrate your city’s famed product that a festival. Cue Kitamoto’s annual tomato festival that started a number of years ago.

Tomato Festival

The last tomato celebration that I am aware of was in May 2020. I will update this post with information for the next tomato fes when it becomes available.

Tomato Curry Festival

In 2018 they decided that a tomato festival is not quite enough and started the Tomato Curry Festival!! However, due to typhoon Hagibis and then the Coronavirus, the curry version of the festival has never really taken off the ground. I may well have to add this to the long list of things that are unique to Saitama. But in fairness to Kitamoto, their Tomato Curry is pretty special. It has even won the coveted title of the best local curry in Japan’s curry Grand Prix. There are 15 places you can enjoy the tomato curry in Kitamoto, but for one day in August, you can sample all in one place: at the Kitamoto Tomato Curry Festa!


I need to confirm the location for the tomato festival, but the tomato curry one is held in the Kitamoto General Park, a nice little park with a decent playground. The park has parking for about 200 cars.

By public transport you can walk 25 minutes from Takasaki Line’s Kitamoto Station or take a bus bound for 「工業団地循環」and alight at Kitamoto High School.

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