Carp streamers koinobori flying carp Kawagoe near the Starbucks Kanetsuki for Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival

The Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival is on each year from the end of March until the end of Golden Week (May 5th). The opening of the event is usually on the last Saturday of March. It is currently tentatively set to take place on March 26th. However, the event was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the Coronavirus. It remains to be seen if the event can go ahead in 2022. It would be a real shame if it couldn’t, given this is the 100th anniversary of Kawagoe city.

A number of events will take place for the opening of the Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival. After that, the spring festival runs until early May. Typically until the last day of Golden Week, May 5th. During the period there are different events on every weekend, sometimes on weekdays too. The city and / or the Kawagoe tourism websites have not yet made an official announcement either way as to whether the festival can go ahead. But two elements of the festival have been confirmed for 2022, as you will see in the “other events” section. Presumably, they are waiting until closer to the time to make a decision on the rest.

Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival Opening Ceremony

For the opening ceremony of the spring festival the area around Ichibangai (Kurazukuri no Machinami / Little Edo Warehouse District) is pedestrianized. As such there will be disruptions to traffic, bus routes and parking. The ceremony itself is usually carried out in Renkeiji around 11 am to just after noon. A marching band leaves from Renkeiji around that time and marchs to the top of Ichibangai. There are usually traditional ladder balancing performances at the Fuda no Tsuji end of Ichibangai in the morning, such as what you see at a Dezome Shiki.

There are generally musket shooting performances at different times of the day, at different locations. Generally those performances are in the afternoon. In addition, there are street performers around Fuda no Tsuji from noon until about 3 pm.  Renkeiji usually also has a couple of mini concerts. Furthermore, there are generally other mini events on throughout the day.

The event is on if there is light rain, but heavy rain may cause changes or even a cancellation. Please check on the official tourism website for Kawagoe for up to date information nearer the date – such as announcements of changes or cancellations due to weather or other mitigating factors. 

Other events

Throughout the period of the Kawagoe Koedo Spring Festival there are different events and promotions on. Unfortunately, right now – February 13th 2022 – there is currently no information available for 2022. However, there are a couple of fundamental events that you can see each year. For example, on the Taisho Roman Yume Street you can see carp streamers, as per the featured photo at the top of the post. Actually they have confirmed this element of the festival for 2022. They will have 300 carp streamers in 2022. The streamers will be displayed from Saturday March 26th to May 16th 2022.

Another staple of the spring festival is the boat ride along the Shingashi river at the back of Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. The highly popular boat ride under cherry blossoms on Shingashi river is generally on either the last Saturday of March OR the first Saturday of April. It has been confirmed for March 27th in 2022, but it is very different this year. For one, it is only for people who live in Kawagoe. Furthermore, you have to book in advance. Moreover, this year they are charging. Apart from the cherry blossoms on the Shingashi River being exceptionally scenic, the history of the cherry blossoms is very poignant as well (the below post contains all the details for the 2022 boat ride):

Centennial Celebrations

The aforementioned Shingashi River cherry blossoms are right beside the Kawagoe Hikawa shrine. Although, not officially part of the Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival, in 2022 Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine are displaying their pinwheels from March for the centennial celebrations of the city. They actually haven’t set the end date yet, but you can see the pinwheels from March 3rd to at least the end of the Shingashi River cherry blossom season this year.

Shingashi River Cherry Blossoms are not the only the cherry blossoms that bloom in Kawagoe during the period of the Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival. There are also plenty of other places to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Kawagoe, including:

Cherry Blossoms in Kawagoe

And here are FIVE MORE sakura spots in Kawagoe:

Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival Information

Date: Last Saturday in March, March 26th in 2022, until the end of Golden Week, May 5th. However, in 2022, the streamers will be displayed until May 16th.

Hours: Depends greatly, but by and large there is more things on in the afternoon than the morning or evening.

Cost: A lot of the entertainment is free. The boat ride is also free, but you need to secure a ticket. Information on how to do that here.

Official Kawagoe City website, which is most likely to publish the news of a cancellation first.


Nearest station is Hon Kawagoe Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, which is about a 6 minute walk to Renkeiji. It takes approximately 10 minutes from JR Kawagoe and Tobu Tojo Lines Kawagoe Station.

There is limited parking and it is charged by the half hour, usually around 300 yen for half an hour on the weekend.

Originally published in 2016. This post was moved from the events calendar in August 2021 to the main blog area in February 2022. koedo-spring-festival-kawagoe

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