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A campsite has opened on the grounds of the former ‘Forest of Horses and Art’ (Togetsuen) as it was called! Unfortunately the horses are gone as has the cafe this post was originally about.

Togetsuen Forest of Art and Horses
Togetsuen: A forest of horses and art

Komugisou is just one cafe at Togetsuen – Peach Moon Garden – a cafe theme park in “a forest of horses and art” in Saitama City

Komugisou is just one of four cafes at Togetsuen. Togetsuen is so completely different to anything I’ve written about to date. It both excites me and overwhelms me as I sit down to try and write a comprehensive summary of this unique location.

What is Togetsuen?

Togetsuen is a collection of cafes, a cafe theme park if you will, in a wooded area of the flood lands of the Ara River in Saitama Prefecture. However, more than just cafes, Togetsuen offers art, bonsai and horses as well as seasonal events. There is a horse drawn carriage service, a bonsai nursery where you can take classes, and events include dance and theatrical perfomances, live music and even horse shows. They even host horse themed birthday party for kids. All located within the 7000 ㎡ site in a rural area of Nishi Ward in Saitama City.

Due to typhoon number 19 also known as Hagibis this cafe has closed.


services and facilities







Birthday parties

Togetsuen Satsukiya Komugisou

Converted cafe Komugisou in Saitama City

Togetsuen Satsukiya Komugisou is a bagel shop and cafe. Hereafter called Komugisou for short. It is what is called a kominka cafe in Japanese. We don’t really have an equivalent in English, but maybe we might call them a period or old house cafe.

Togetsuen Satsukiya Komugisou Nishi Ku Saitama old house cafe  古民家カフェ

It is at the back corner of Togetsuen, the furthest building from the car park. The building looks like an old kura from a distance. It took a year and a half to renovate the building into what you see today. The cafe is celebrating two years of business this month.


Delicious tea at Komugisou in Togetsuen in Nishi Ward, Saitama City

The menu is surprisingly extensive. The cafe is known for its bagels, curry and tea. Unfortunately bagels is one of the few foods I actually don’t like very much, so I haven’t actually tried them yet. But everything I have tried has been delicious. I particularly recommend trying one of their teas. My personal favourite is the mixed berry hibiscus. They are very generous sizes.

Sustainability Development

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but they use paper straws in Komugisou. Just one of many incentives that makes them an eco-friendly cafe. Incidentally, this is the cake set; a drink and cake for 1000 yen.



As you may know if you’re read a few of my posts in the Eat in Saitama category, I am not a foodie, but rather a cafe hopper! Cafes appeal to me on their other offerings, such as the ambiance. I really like the type of place that Togetsuen is; a mish mash of random! Particularly when there are animals involved. And horses are surprisingly not something you see often in Japan.

I work at home so sometimes I use cafes for a change of scenery. However, Komugisou is not the type of cafe that you can work in. The interior is too small. However, it is a great place to relax over a cuppa and a book. The interior is mainly wood with plenty of spruces to add to the natural feel. There is a nice view of the wild garden and the stables and you can even sit in the garden as they have several tables outside.

Other facilities at Togetsuen


An individual blog post for each coming soon!

  • Ryan 02
  • Cafe Via
  • Moon’s P cafe

Bonsai Nursery

Seishoen bonsai nursery is located on the grounds of Togetsuen. When you walk into the forest with the equestrian yard in front, the bonsai nursery is on the left. You can do a hands on bonsai experience at this nursery. The Saitama Prefectural website has information in English (click here).

Some of the bonsai are also displayed in front of one of the houses in the main courtyard of the various cafes.

Horse Riding

Horses at Togetsuen

For children aged four years to ten years old it costs 2000 yen. From 4th grade it costs 5000 yen. You can also do a trekking lesson for 15,000 yen.

Equestrian center at Togetsuen

They have a lot of other services advertised here and there online, such as paying to use the horses for special occasions. And they organize birthday parties too.

Horse riding at Togetsuen

Komugisou Bagel Cafe Information

Komugisou at Togetsuen Saitama City
Address:3131 Nishiasuma, Nishi Ward, Saitama, 331-0061
Hours:10.30 am to 6 pm Saturdays to Wednesdays.
Closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

This cafe closed permanently due to severe damage from typhoon number 19, aka Hagibis.
Cost:Budget for upwards of 800 yen
Online:Official website

Togetsuen Access

It is a really tricky spot to get to. Google Maps, which I normally find very useful, hasn’t a clue. The problem is that there are a lot of one way and narrow roads in the area, plus railway tracks to get under or over. Maps tried to bring me along a footpath and then along a road that is currently closed for construction.

Togetsuen Satsukiya Komugisou Cafe sign posts

The cafe and the park are in the middle of what I would guess is a flood field for the Ara river. You have to go up and over a river embankment and down on to the flood plains to get to it. Thankfully there is a landmark in the form of the athletic and sports fields of Sakae High School. And the cafe have placed pretty good sign posts to help you on your way.

Cyclist cafe Komugisou
“Welcome Kids Cyclist”

The nearest train station is Sashiogi Station on the Kawagoe Line. It is an approximate 17 minute (convoluted) walk to the cafe from the station. The most common way to come to the cafe is by bicycle. Togetsuen is just off a popular cycle course along the Ara river embankments that run all the way from Tokyo to Kawagoe. There are plenty of bicycle stands around Togetsuen including ones for children’s bikes.


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