Konosu Central Library

Konosu Station is a very convenient station for both locals and tourists. It is located right next to Elumi Mall and park as well as several other services and facilities, including but not limited to, a cinema and cool library. The latter, the library, is featured in detail below.

Konosu Station Rotary

Konosu station is on the Takasaki Line. It is just 37 minutes by train from Akabane station in Tokyo, or about an hour from Shinjuku station. Elumi and the facilities mentioned in this post are located at the east exit of the station. You exit the station to the rotary. It is a particularly nice rotary with flower beds and hanging baskets of flowers too. Furthermore, it has a nice statue commemorating Konosu city as both a flower and dolls town. Pictured above on the left. Moreover, you can see a replica of the Guinness World Record firework – the largest firework ever launched in the whole wide world! It was launched at the Konosu fireworks. Pictured above on the right.

Elumi Shopping Center

The Elumi Shopping Center is located right beside the station. You can easily access from either the first floor or second floor of the station. Unfortunately, the shopping center has lost some of the services that used to bring my family there more frequently. Such as a play center. But it still has some nice shops and restaurants. There is also restaurants in what they call Elumi ‘Annex’, which is where the restaurant and public services, such as the library, are. At this time of the year people flock to Elumi Shopping Center to see Japan’s largest hina dolls pyramid:

Normally information for the annual Santa Claus visit is included here, but Santy has been unable to visit Elumi since the pandemic began. Hopefully he will be back in 2024.

Elumi Park

The park is very small, but there are two things of note. One, this is where the free loop bus goes from during the ‘Surprising Dolls Festival’ and two, there are a handful of beautiful kawazuzakura (early blooming cherry blossoms) in the park. Ko Shrine is just a four minute walk from the park and it too has kawazuzakura early blooming cherry blossoms. Moreover, it is a shrine that is photogenic all year round. There is also one early blooming cherry blossom in Konosu Park that reaches full bloom around the end of February, or sometimes early March. However, that park has several stunning somei yoshino cherry blossoms, that bloom around the end of March to early April.


Konosu Station, 1-chōme-1 Honchō, Konosu, Saitama 365-0038. View on Google Maps.
Elumi Shopping Center, 1 Chome-1-2 Honcho, Konosu, Saitama 365-0038. View on Google Maps.
Elumi Park, 1 Chome-2931 Honcho, Konosu, Saitama 365-0038. View on Google Maps.

Zoom in: Konosu Central Library

Library with a cafe, Konosu Central Library

Konosu Central Library; library with a cafe. The Library is a bright, colourful, comfortable and modern library. And it is the only library I know of that has a coffee shop in it. Okay so it is not quite a shop in the typical sense and more like a coffee corner, but you can purchase and indulge in coffee while you are reading. There are plenty of bookstores that have caught onto this match made in heaven, but as far as I know Konosu is the only library in Saitama that has taken advantage of the natural pairing.


Konosu Central Library and library with a cafe

Library with a cafe. There are many reasons I like this particular library, including the presence of a Nescafe cafe. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced. The coffee is only a 100 yen for a blend coffee and 150 yen for a cafe latte. You can purchase either hot or cold. It is from one of the Nescafe machines, but there is a staff member there that serves it to you. You can then bring it to a seat of your choice in the dedicated area that permits drinking while reading.


Library with a cafe

Library with a cafe. The places you can sit and drink coffee within the library is surprisingly quite large. And apart from the drinking area, I find this library has more seats in general than a regular library. And not just seats, but seats with their own little tables. In the drinking area the tables facilitate your hot (or cold) cup of coffee, but also can be used for hand luggage or note taking or spreading out the newspaper to read. They also have some cushioned benches too and even poufs on which you can sit.

Children’s Section

Konosu City Library

Another appeal of this library is that they have a lovely, albeit small, children’s section. The area is partitioned off to separate it from the rest of library so that children can make a bit of noise. However, the sound proofing isn’t great so you do have to be respectful of the students in the study section behind one side of the partition.

Konosu Central Library

Within the children’s area there is a small room where you take off your shoes. They have yomikikase here; children’s stories read aloud by staff at particular times of the week. In the children’s area they also have low tables and chairs for the kids. Their English selection isn’t huge, but they have the classics and some recently published books too.

They also have some stuffed toys. The toys are characters from books such as the monsters from the very popular children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”. And there is an information wall within the area with lots of flyers for children’s and other services and events in the area.

Bank book type loaning record

Another really cool and innovate service of this library is that they have a machine much like an ATM that will print off a list of all the books you’ve ever borrowed. And they print them in a book much like a bank book. As my town does not have a mutual lending agreement with the city of Konosu I can only admire this machine and not actually use it as I can’t get membership for Konosu Central library. Thankfully, like all the municipal libraries in Saitama, you don’t have to be a member of the library to enter it and read their books, drink their coffee and play with the Wild Things on site.

Konosu Central Library Information

Hours: the library is open seven days a week. It opens from 9.30 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends. Occasionally the library closes for maintenance, please check the website for up-to-date information on scheduled closing dates.

Address: 1 Chome-2-1 Honchō, Kōnosu-shi, Saitama-ken 365-0038. View on Google Maps.

Official website


  1. Great post! I also love the Konosu library- it has a pretty good selection of children’s books in English, too!

    1. Awesome that you have been – I imagine not many people from Tokyo come out to the ‘burbs for a library when there are so many great ones in Tokyo. Thanks a million for commenting.

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