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In 2020, the organizers of the Konosu Fireworks announced that they were postponing the infamous Konosu Fireworks. They normally take place in October. However, they never did release a new date. Moreover, on June 23rd they made a further announcement that the fireworks are postponed indefinitely.

The 2019 Konosu Fireworks were cancelled at short notice due to typhoon number 19, also known as typhoon Hagibis. The organizers decided to cancel both the scheduled AND back up date for the 18th annual Konosu Fireworks. Then the pandemic happened in 2020. But they didn’t want to cancel again, so they waited as long as they could to try and move it ahead. But ultimately had to postpone the event. So this is now the third year in a row that the fireworks are facing cancellation.

Last updated: July 24th 2021.

Konosu Fireworks

2021 – date to be confirmed.

The 2021 fireworks have not yet been completely cancelled, but “postponed”. However, the place where they usually launch the fireworks is currently undergoing construction work. So if they do miraculously go ahead on the tentative date, the location will be different than previous years. It is most likely that both the date AND the location will change.

The Konosu fireworks is the largest autumn firework display in Kanto and one of the largest of the whole year. They normally launch approximately 15,000 fireworks, but in 2019 they were aiming for 20,000 until typhoon Hagibis happened.

One of the highlights of this festival is that they launch 300 shakudama consecutively, which are the largest type of fireworks in existence. Moreover, they launch about 75 at the same time, the record in Japan for the most fireworks launched consecutively. Shakudama require a lot of space, so you can’t see these type of fireworks in some displays in Tokyo for example.

Konosu fireworks have enjoyed increasing popularity since 2014 when they set a new world record by launching the heaviest / largest aerial firework shell ever. It was approximately 464 kilograms and exploded into a 800 metre ball of light.  Around the same time of the fireworks (in a usual year) you can enjoy the beautiful site of millions of Cosmos in Konosu. 

Konosu Fireworks Access

This is subject to change: The main free viewing area is about a 30 minute walk from Konosu station. By car it is 14 kilometers from the Highashimatsuyama Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. Parking available for 2,000 cars. It costs 2000 yen for the day.

There is also a second free viewing area in Konosu and a third in neighboring Yoshimi.

The 2020 fireworks are still postponed in 2021! The next date of the Konosu Fireworks have not yet been decided. There are very few fireworks going ahead in 2021, you can see where here.

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