The Kõnosu Fireworks have created a place for themselves, as one of the larger and more exciting firework displays in the Greater Tokyo Area. They are quite new in the greater scheme of things, this year (2015) marking the 14th time they are being held. However, they really made their mark last year, when they set a new world record of the heaviest firework / largest aerial firework shell ever to be launched successfully.

Spectators of last year’s, 2014, fireworks were treated to the record-breaking finale of the 15,000 fireworks display. They ended the show with an approximately 464 kilograms firework that exploded into a 800 metre ball of light.  This year they are also planning on launching 15,000 fireworks and it is estimated that 500,000 people will venture to Konosu to enjoy this year’s show. There are stalls and booths selling food and drink at allocated areas near the launch site. The fireworks start from 18.00, but people arrive much earlier than that to secure a spot to sit, with blue sheets and/or picnic blankets. You can pay to book a seating area in advance, with great views and allocated space. More information is available on their website, but in Japanese only.

Taken from the official website:
Taken from the official website:

By train, access is from Konosu station 鴻巣駅 on the JR Takasaki line JR高崎線.  There are signs and wardens directing people in the right direction, from the station. The main viewing area is 30 minutes walk from the station. For car users, the address is 1073-1 Nukata. It is about 14 kilometres from the Higashimatsuyama Interchange on the Kanetsu expressway. There is paid parking for up to 2,000 cars.  It costs 1,000 yen.  There is a great viewing spot, that most people still don’t know about, from Yoshimi Undo Park.  As it’s still not that well known, it is easy and free to park there. In the event of rain the day of the fireworks the date maybe changed or cancelled. Information will be on their website. The website is (Japanese only): The phone number is: 048-543-1634

Konosu is known within Saitama for many different things, but its nationwide claim to fame is its “Hina Matsuri”, Dolls festival, display.

Map of free viewing area

“Hina Matsuri”, Dolls festival, display.

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