Kore ga kakigori kawagoe with kids Shaved ice
Kore ga kakigori in Kawagoe Saitama Prefecture

Kakigori is shaved ice. It is typically associated with festivals stalls or food vans at events. However, in recent years there has been an increase in cafes or restaurants that specialise in kakigori. Kore ga kakigori, or Korekaki for short, is one such place, a kakigori cafe just outside the tourist district of Kawagoe, beside city hall. It only opened last year and within days of it opening was already enjoying acclaim.


Korekaki the short name for Kore Ga Kakigori in Kawagoe City Saitama Prefecture

I had heard of “Korekaki”, the abbreviated name, the increasingly famous shaved ice cafe, within a week of its opening. I got down there pronto. However, as I am not good with queues, and in the summer a queue there always is, it took me months to finally taste it. We went this past Autumn (2018) on a school day when I knew there would be less people and I am really glad we did.

Kore ga kakigori

I am actually not a fan of shaved ice at all. Normally, that is. But Kore ga Kakigoris’  is particularly good. And they have real fruit pieces rather than just syrup. I may never be a frequent consumer, but I will definitely go again. And I know the kids, who are fans and were my catalyst to go in the first place, are itching to indulge in another bite of the best kakigori in town!

Inside kore ga kakigori
From the official website

Kore ga kakegori

On the day that we went there was no queue and we got the best seat in the house. On the way out a queue of high school students had formed! Inside is quite small, it probably only sits about 30 people in total, but there is also a little seating area outside too. They have a heater there in the autumn and winter. Within the indoor seating area there is a lovely tatami mat area, one of the tables there has view to a little stone garden and statue outside. That’s where we were lucky enough to sit. Even if you are sitting inside, you pay the bill up front, which is rather unusual.

kakigori menu at korekaki kore ga kakigori kawagoe with kids

There are 11 fixed flavours at a given time. Some of those change with the seasons. We all had the strawberry cream flavour. Mango is supposedly the most popular. Both mango and strawberry are two of the permanent offerings on the menu. Tiramisu seems to be there for the long haul too. That one gets rave reviews on Google Maps.

Kore ga kakikori cafe in Kawagoe

You pay for the honour of eating these gourmet ice dishes. They aren’t cheap at two to three times the usual price of kakigori, but in my opinion they are well worth the money. They are larger than the normal festival size shaved ice and you get sauce on the side so you can add extra. You can also pay for additional toppings.

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During the pandemic

During the pandemic they are only allowing up to six groups of people in to the shop at one time. You can get a numbered ticket online in advance of a visit. They open reception online 30 minutes before the shop opens. They recommend that you come to the store 30 minutes before the time on your ticket as sometimes the get through orders quicker than the anticipated.


Cost: from 700 to 1,100 yen

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm with last orders at 5.30 pm. During summer the shop is open seven days a week, but for the rest of the year they take Tuesdays and the third Tuesday of the month off. Sometimes they take days off randomly too. You can check on their official website:

Official website (Japanese language only)


12 minute walk from Seibu line Hon Kawagoe station. 10 minute bus ride from Tobu Tojo and JR Kawagoe stations. For both walk toward or get a bus that stops at city hall 「川越市役所」

Parking: none, coin parking close by


  1. I love かき氷! I don’t really go to cafe or restaurants usually though because I like to go to the street vendors (during fireworks) or to the local mom-and-pop stores. There a traditional Japanese sweets store nearby my apartment that serve my favorite flavor, Calpis. It is nice to eat that with mitsurashi dango (my favorite thing in the world) in the hot summer months!

    1. I really enjoyed this one, but some of the ones I’ve tasted – mouthfuls from the kids ones! – have been very bland. Like a real cheap syrupy taste. These ones have fresh fruit on them – oops, meant to mention that in the article too. Time for an edit!!!!

    1. 1,100 yen!! 😮 Me too – not big on mango anything really!!

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