Colorful carp streamers Koshigaya

Each year in spring you can see more than 900 colorful koinobori (carp streamers) flying over the Moto-Arakawa River in Koshigaya. Among the 900, there are 19 large koinobori, including a five meter carp made by local kindergarten and elementary school children. On one day there is a Koinobiri festival to celebrate and wish for the good health of the children in the city.

Koshigaya Koinobori

Koinobori festival Koshigaya

The koinobori carp streamers are at Fudobashi (Fudo bridge). This year the streamers went up on Saturday April 13th and will be up until Saturday May 11th 2024. On one day while the streamers are up, they have a festival:

Fudobashi Koinbori festival

The one day festival is on the 29th of April annually. However, it wasn’t on during the pandemic. April 29th is “Showa Day”, the first public holiday of a series of public holidays in a row known as Golden Week. The Fudobashi Koinobori festival is on at the Sagami-cho recreation ground on the embankment beside the bridge over Motoarakawa river. It is a local type festival with such things as music concerts by local elementary and junior high school students, attractions for children, and market stalls.


Event: Koshigaya Koinobori and Fudobashi Koinobori Festival 越谷市 鯉のぼり・不動橋こいのぼりフェスティバル2024

Dates: the koinobori are up from April 13th until May 11th 2024. The festival is on April 29th. Unless there is bad weather in which case it will be postponed until Friday May 3rd 2024.

Time: the festival is on from 9.40 am to 2 pm. (The Koinobori are up 24 hours. However, they maybe taken down if there is stormy weather).

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Fudobashi / Sagami-cho recreation ground, Motoarakawa Green Road 6 Chome Sagamicho, Koshigaya, Saitama. View on Google Maps.

Event information in Japanese. Disclaimer: I have not personally been to this festival. The images in this post are from

Other places for koinobori in Saitama Prefecture –

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