Koshigaya Osawa Katori Shrine wind chimes

Information for Koshigaya’s largest summer festival and Katori Shrine, which is one of the most prominent shrines in Koshigaya City. There are actually several different Katori Shrines in Koshigaya. This one is in the Osawa area. Hence it is often referred to as Osawa Katori Shrine OR Kita Koshigaya Katori Shrine, as it is beside Kita Koshigaya Station. In recent years, it is perhaps best known for its wind chimes and other decorations, thanks to social media. However, the shrine is more than just picturesque, its a key community hub, hosting a regular market and several events during the year. Including the upcoming Yasaka Summer Festival…

Koshigaya (Yasaka) Summer Festival

Koshigaya Summer Festival

The Koshigaya Summer Festival is actually the festival of the Yasaka Shrine, which is on the grounds of Katori Shrine. It is the largest summer festival in Koshigaya annually. In 2024, the festival is on Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th. The Summer Festival is made up of many parts, including mikoshi, which are portable shrines. The portable shrines are paraded in the precincts of Katori shrine as well as in Itchome and Nichome, where there are stages for live performances too. There are also festival stalls.

Koshigaya Katori Shrine

Katori shrine is the principal shrine of the Osawa area of Koshigaya. It is believed that it was founded in the Oei period (1394 to 1428). Like Aobaen, Katori shrine has a trellis where they hanging different types of ornaments periodically. Right now, the wind chimes are currently up. In addition, they will have Japanese ‘wagasa’ umbrellas and lanterns decorating the shrine grounds on the days of the festival. The shrine hosts a number of events each year, including two separate monthly markets. One is an antique market and is on the second Saturday of every month from 7 am to 3 pm. The other is a market for parents, outlined below. I didn’t get this post up in time for 2024, but the shrine also has a Tanabata festival annually early in July.

Monthly Market at Katori Shrine

Each month, on the third Friday of the month, there is a market in the precincts of the shrine. However, there is none in August, presumably because of the heat. It is marketed to Mothers so it is called the Mama Market, but as they say “fathers are also welcome”! Apart from selling handmade and baby goods, they also have special events and there are food trucks on site. Upcoming dates of the Koshigaya Mama Market:

  • Friday July 19th
  • Friday September 20th

Living in the Koshigaya area? Don’t miss the fireworks at the end of the month:


Event: Koshigaya (Yasaka) Summer Festival 八坂神社祭礼

Date: Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th 2024

Time: from 2 pm to 9.30 pm on the Saturday and from noon to 9 pm on the Sunday.

Cost: there is no admission fee, but it is customary to make a donation at the shrine – just a few yen into the prayer box in front of the shrine will suffice.

Venue: Koshigaya / Osawa Katori Shrine, 3 Chome-13-38 Osawa, Koshigaya, Saitama 343-0025. View on Google Maps.


The shrine and the festival area are close to the east exit of Kita Koshigaya Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line.

Official website of Katori Shrine.

Koshigaya Summer Festival event page.

Official website for the Mama Market.

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