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Information for Japan’s Largest Poppy Field – Poppy Happy Square – in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture.

Each year in May you can see 30 million poppies, give or take, at Japan’s largest poppy field: Poppy Happy Square. Moreover, there is a lively festival at the poppy fields during the period of bloom, which is usually mid May. However, the California poppies actually bloom much earlier and as of April 24th 2023 they are already in bloom. The festival is on when the other colorful poppies bloom. The poppy festival is actually just one part of a larger Konosu Flower Festival. In 2024, the Kounosu¹ flower festival is on from May 11th to the 19th.

¹The English for the city is intermittently spelt Kounosu, Konosu or Kōnosu.

Kounosu Poppy Festivals

Poppies at the Konosu Poppy Field Poppies Saitama

Furthermore, there are TWO poppy festivals! One, as in this post, at Poppy Happy Square (also known as the Mamuro Poppy Field) and the other at the Fukiage Field (at Cosmos Arena). The Fukiage poppy field has mainly red poppies. However, it also has stunning “Nadeshiko” (corncockles) flowers. It is back dropped by Japan’s longest water pipe bridge. The Fukiage field only has a two day festival. You can easily commute between both fields by car, but it takes over an hour on foot. The rest of this post is about (and the photos are from) the Mamuro Poppy Happy Square field.

Japan’s Largest Poppy Field

Kounosu poppy festival poppy field Saitama poppies

Mamuro poppy field is acclaimed because it is the largest poppy field in the whole of Japan. It is also thanks to this that the Konosu Poppy Festival is famous throughout the Kanto plain. The Mamuro poppy field is most commonly referred to as Poppy Happy Square. It is approximately 12.5 hectares or 125,000 square meters and has over 30,000,000 poppies. Moreover, the field is located at Japan’s longest riverbed width embankment with Japan’s longest embankment bridge in view.

Poppy Happy Square

Kounosu poppy festival poppy field Saitama poppies
May 13th 2019

The thirty million poppies include the common variety, Icelandic and California poppies. They typically start blooming late in April. However, in 2024 they are actually late and as of April 25th they weren’t really blooming. The common variety are the red poppies also referred to frequently as the remembrance poppy in English. Japan does not mark remembrance day except for in one location in Yokohama, at the Commonwealth War Cemetery. The red poppy does not have the same significance here and I have personally never seen anyone wear a remembrance poppy.

–Places to see poppies in Saitama–

Baby Blue Eyes since 2021

Baby blue eyes and orange poppies
April 30th 2021

Furthermore, other blooms grow in the fields. They have purple mustard fields most years. Moreover, in 2021, they added three Baby Blue Eye fields for the first time. Two of them are quite small, but one is a decent size and it is beside a field of orange poppies. The Baby Blue Eyes and Orange California Poppies is my favorite combination. In 2021 you could see this combination as early as the end of April.

Poppy Happy Square Poppy Festival

Food vans at the Kounosu poppy festival poppy field Saitama poppies
May 13th 2019

The festival is on from Saturday May 11th to Sunday May 19th 2024. There are food vans at the fields during the period of the festival, weather permitting. There is also a flower picking event in one of the fields. It costs 100 yen to pick five flowers. Once the festival has started you have to pay for parking. It costs 500 yen during the festival. But outside of the official festival period parking is free.

Kounosu poppy festival poppy field Saitama poppies

Konosu’s Japan Best List

The Poppy Happy Square is just one of nine of Kounosu’s “Japan best” claims to fame.

Kounosu’s EIGHT “Japan best / largest / biggest / # one” claims:

1. Kounosu is home to Japan’s largest hina doll pyramid display

2 & 3 & 4. Konosu grows and ships the most Salvia, marigold and primula in all of Japan

5. Konosu has the longest water bridge pipe in Japan

6&7. You can cross the widest riverbed width and longest riverbed bridge in all Japan in Konosu

8. Konosu City launched the largest firework ever in Japan

9. The largest poppy fields of Japan are in Kōnosu…

So if you come to the Kounosu Poppy Festival and go to both sites (this one and Cosmos Arena Fukiage) you can see four of Japan’s best: the largest poppy field, the widest river bed, the longest riverbed bridge and the longest water pipe bridge!


Event: Konosu Flower Festival Mamuro / Poppy Happy Square Venue 2024 第14回こうのす花まつり馬室・ポピー・ハッピースクエア会場

Dates: Saturday May 11th to Sunday May 19th 2024

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm (but in theory the fields are open 24 hours)

Cost: no admission to the festival, parking costs 500 yen.

Venue: Poppy Happy Square aka Mamuro Poppy Field, 921 Haramamuro, Konosu, Saitama 365-0043. View on Google Maps.


The official website claims that parking is only available at the Poppy Happy Square during the festival period, but we were there out of the festival period and parking was not a problem. You do have to use narrow roads to get to the car park that only fit one car width wise. We were lucky we didn’t meet another vehicle – if we did, one or other of us would have had to have backed up. Also, please note, since 2022 they operate access to the fields as a one way system.

By public transport: Take the “Flower Go” 「フラワー号」Mamuro course 「馬室コース」bus from JR Konosu Station’s west exit to the kyuushoku sentaa 「給食センター」. The poppy fields are about a 5 minute walk from this bus stop. The free shuttle bus is back this year, for the first time in five years. It will run on May 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. You can also rent a bike.

Official website



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