Sunset in kuki shobu park

Kuki Shobu Park is a prefectural park that is best known for the lake that it is centered around. It is quite picturesque so you often see photos of it on Instagram. Although, it is not very big and there isn’t a huge amount in it, it is well used and much loved by many. The park looks particularly beautiful in Autumn at dusk.

Kuki Shobu Park Kids playing on a double slide with fountain show on the lake behind
Kids playing on a double slide with fountain show on the lake behind

Attractions of Kuki Shobu Park

What makes Kuki Shobu Park popular despite its relatively small size is the attractions that are not very common in other parks.

Pedal Boats

You can take pedal boats out on the lake for a charge in the spring, summer and autumn seasons. They are not available in winter.

Tandem Bikes

The tandem bikes are popular, so sometimes you have to wait to get one. They cost 510 yen to rent for an hour. They also have some unique bikes which cost 310 yen for an hour. A regular bike is 210 yen for an hour.

Fountain Show

Fountain Show at Kuki Shobu Park

There is fountain in the center of the lake that boasts a fountain show set to music a number of times during the day. The last fountain show of the day, as the sunsets, is the most popular.


Fishing is a popular past time in Japan. There is a designated area to fish in this lake too, which is free if you bring your own equipment.

Terrace Cafe

There is a cafe beside where you board the swan boats which also doubles as an information center.


Terrace cafe at kuki shobu park

Apart from the unusual attractions available in the park, it has some regular features too! Such as the playground.

The playground is quite small and best suited to preschoolers, but it has some nice equipment. They have a mist shower in the summer which helps keep the kids cool. You can have a barbecue in the park in a designated area, but you need to book in advance and it costs money. They have BBQ goods available to rent too.

Kuki Shobu Park General Information

The general hours for the park are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. However, each of the facilities have separate hours and costs. You can use the park outside the official hours, but there is no park attendant and the parking is closed in the evening. The car park is open from 6.30 am in the mornings. Parking is free, but it is quite limited. The website is in Japanese only, but all the hours and charges are detailed on it.

Sunset in kuki shobu park


Kuki Shobu park is close to the Kuki exit of the Tohoku Expressway.

By public transport you can get a bus or taxi from JR Utsnomiya Line and Tobu Isesaki Line Kuki Station. It takes about 15 minutes by taxi, slightly longer by bus.


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