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This spring the Taiwan Festa, a food and cultural festival, is in Lalaport Fujimi.

Taiwan Festa

If you recognize the name, it maybe because this is a travelling “festa” that has been held at several locations around the Kanto plain in the past. Including at Laketown Koshigaya, Japan’s largest shopping mall, also in Saitama Prefecture, in Autumn last year. This time, it is in the Lalaport in Fujimi City, for just four weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get this event post up ahead of the opening day, which was Saturday gone – March 4th 2023. However, the festa will continue until Sunday April 2nd 2023.

Apart from being able to try different types of Taiwanese food and drinks, you can also try a Taiwanese massage or get your fortune told! Furthermore, there are a couple of photo spots at the venue. Such as a giant pineapple and beer bottle, as below! This particular photo was taken at a past event (outside Saitama, shhh!), but I have confirmed both the giant pineapple and beer bottle are at Lalaport Fujimi this year too!

taiwan festa pineapple and giant beer

In addition, you receive a free bottle of Taiwanese oolong tea if you purchase two items (at the same time) from the food stalls or spend more than 1500 yen in the shopping area. You also receive a free oolong tea if you use either the massage or fortune telling services. They are limited though, so first come, first served!

Visiting with kids? Check out the Crayon Shinchan Play area that opened last spring:


Event: Taiwan Festa in Fujimi Saitama 2023 台湾祭in埼玉FUJIMI2023

Date: Saturday March 4th to Sunday April 2nd

Time: 11 am to 9 pm on weekends and to 8 pm on weekdays. Last entry – an hour before closing time.

Cost: free to enter the venue.

Venue: Outdoors at Lalaport Fujimi, 〒354-8560 Saitama, Fujimi, Yamamuro, 1 Chome−1313, Lalaport Fujimi


You can get a bus from either Fujimino, Tsuruse or stations, all of which are on the Tobu Tojo Line. Tsuruse is the closest – the bus ride, from the east exit of the station, is only about 6 minutes from Tsuruse station. Recently, buses also go from JR Omiya Station and Minami-Yono station too.

Lalaport is located right beside national route 254, on a section that used to be called the Fujimi Kawagoe Bypass (and used to be charged, but thankfully there is no longer tolls on this section!) You can’t miss it if you are on route 254 coming from either Shiki or Kawagoe to Fujimi! There is free parking for 5100 cars.

Official event page

After Lalaport Fujimi the Taiwan Festa will move on to Tokyo Skytree from April 15th to May 28th 2023, from 11 am to 9 pm.

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