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You will often hear Santa in Japan being referred to as a フィンランドのサンタ i.e. Finnish or Finland Santa. This is what we call a Lapland Santa at home. Basically, in Japan this is code for a non-Japanese Santa that is usually a native or 2nd language English speaker.  There has been a big increase in the number of “real” Santa in Japan in the last few years.

The Kasai branch of Ito-Yokado have a Finnish / Lapland Santa visiting 3 times on the 18th of December.  The sessions are at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.  There will be an opportunity for a quick chat and photo with Santa on the 1st floor mall stage.

Event URL:


Address: 9 Chome-3-3 Higashikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tōkyō-to 134-0084

Tel: 03-5675-1011

Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Parking for 1850 cars

Nearest station is Kasai Station on the Tozai line.  Kasai Rinkai Station on the Keiyo Line is also close although its at least a 30 minute walk.

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4 comments on “Lapland Santa at Ito-Yokado | TOKYO

  1. brightoneagle

    A couple of years ago, I was on the same flight from Helsinki to Osaka with the real Finnish Santa 🙂 The Japanese passengers were over the moon and the Santa had to endure the pretty much 10 hours (i.e. the duration of the flight) of non-stop photo taking. Hilarious!

    1. L M N Post author

      Wow, what a rare and lucky occurrence. Poor Santa in a way, but I guess it goes with the job! Did you ask for a photo yourself?

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      1. brightoneagle

        No, I didn’t ask for a photo. As a Finn, I have albums full of photos of me with Santa as a child, so there was no need to get one as an adult 🙂 Having said that, my dad, who was on the same flight, did go and have his photo taken 😀 😀

        1. L M N Post author

          Haha! I think I’d ask, but only if he was near and looked friendly! I wish my kids could have Santa visits like I had as a child, but the Santa we go to in Tochigi is good enough and they still feel the magic. 🙂


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