Life in Saitama

Life in Saitama: A week in photos. January 2020 week three – January 11th to 17th.

1000 hours outside update

We are into the third week of January 2020. And the third week of the 1000 hours outside challenge. Our pace for spending hours in the great outdoors has slowed down now that the kids are back to school full time. But we did reach the 50 hours outside goal on Saturday the 11th. The next big milestone will be a 100 hours.

There are at least a 1000 ways to spend outside, but some of the ways the kids spent their outdoors this past week included playing ball games, crunching leaves, walks and hikes, climbing trees, rolling down hills, cooking with leaves and of course geocaching:

Life in Saitama: geocaching fun

The geocaching symbol on a cache

Thanks to the increase of geocaching locations in Japan, wherever we go lately we’ve been able to incorporate some cache hunting. It really is a great activity to enjoy together as a family. This week we revisited some geocaching locations as well searching in new locations. Saitama Prefecture geocaching locations we visited this week included:

The joy of finding a cache at Sakitama
The joy of finding a cache. At Sakitama Kofun Park. Photo from Geocaching Saitama Post

Official Geocaching website with instructions for play.

Life in Saitama 2020

Life in Saitama: new to the blog

There are a couple of places we visited this past week that don’t yet have a post on the Unfortunately, there is never enough time to add everywhere we’ve been to the blog. With the result at any one given time there is always at least 100 draft posts waiting to be completed and posted!

Life in Saitama: fishing in Kawajima
Fishing – not my thing, but the kids love it!

One post that I hope to get out sooner rather than later is about the excellent child friendly fishing park we go to from time to time. We visited this past week, much to the kids delight. They frequently ask to go there so we can increase our collection of pets – I feel we could open a fish park ourselves at this stage!

Fishing at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
An entirely different type of fishing! (And more up my alley!)

Another place we visit from time to time is Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. It has been my families shrine of worship for years. Hence, it is on this blog, several times, but for their events and not a generic information post, which I would like to write. There is an activity at this shrine where you can fish for your fortune.

Life in Saitama: a local park
Playground at Naguwashi Park

Another place we went to in the past week that is not yet on the blog is Naguwashi park in Kawagoe. It has a lovely playground best suited to children of preschool age or younger. Naguwashi park is the park around sporting facility Pikoa and Tsubasa Kan recycling center and museum. I hadn’t been to Pikoa for a long time, so I am not sure when they added the playground to be honest, but it still looks brand spanking new.

Kawagoe Naguwashi Park on Google Maps.

Life in Saitama 2020

Have you been out and about this past week? What did you particularly enjoy?


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