My best friend Fiona inspired this post as she is a “foodie”!  More on her to come, but for now Sunday’s special for the month of NaBloPoMo is a “slice of life” (pardon the pun) type snippet on preschool life in Japan. Preschool in Japan is 3 years long. I have 2 children in preschool, one in the final year and one in the middle year. Our school is unusual for a preschool in that it has school lunch most days. Lunch is provided at most primary schools, but it is not usually provided at preschool.

The lunch at my kid’s preschool is provided by a company that specialises in these type of pre-made meals, not just for school, but for companies also. Before the start of a calendar month, I get a menu home with the month’s menu which includes allergen information, calories, salt content and protein values. Each day, I can view their school lunch on the lunch company’s Facebook page. At public primary school level, lunch is subsidised by the Government. Although, our preschool is private and therefore not subsidised, it doesn’t cost much more than the primary school lunches due to the economies of scale of the lunch company system.

Preschool Lunch 1

Once a year my kids preschool invites parents to enjoy the school lunch with their children. I visited just a few weeks ago to have lunch with my son, while my husband had lunch with my eldest daughter. In a situation where only one parent can attend and there are siblings involved, the older sibling joins the younger sibling to have lunch with the parent. This was my 3rd year to have school lunch at the kid’s preschool and each time it has been really delicious. The photo from that school lunch is the “featured photo” above. Hereafter, a gallery of photos of the school lunches my kids enjoyed this past week. There is no photo for November 4th as that was one of the rare days they had to bring their own school lunch.

Do your kids have school lunch? Yes: do they like it? No: do you wish they had it? Please do comment. Thank you!

Ebi shumai Maubo tofu November 2nd hamburger and pasta November 3rd corn on the cob liver sausage hijiki November 6th

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