I am taking part in the NaBloPoMo challenge this month, which involves writing a blog post everyday. To help the process and also to add to the learning curve, I am trying out some regular blog features. Monday is Manhole day!


Manholes are indeed one of those “Only in Japan” phenomenons, but it’s not quite as tantalising (or revolting?) as it sounds. You may not be surprised to hear that in Japan, with all it’s beauty, you can find art on any street. You may be surprised to hear, however, that it is on the manhole covers. Yes, as in one of those things that leads down to the sewers!

I was here many years before I realised this (thanks to my cousin) and now spend a lot of my walks looking down. I get a thrill out of finding a new one, especially if it’s in colour. I took a few this weekend to share today.  The featured photo and the 1st photo below was taken in the Hiki District of Saitama.   The other photos I took on a short walk, no more than 500 metres, around Fujidana in Yokohama yesterday. I was able to get two different types of covers plus a colourful street sign to share with you this Manhole Monday.



If you have ever posted about Manhole Cover Art in Japan or anywhere in the world, please do leave a link in the comments below. I really do enjoy looking at Manhole covers and I will link to them in next week’s Manhole post.

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  1. Fun! I never new about the manholes. I will look forward to Monday posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura ???? I love the name of your blog, popping over now for a read.

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