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Ageo Maruyama Park

Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival
Main playground with roller slide and stunning sakura

>>2023 news – in the spring of 2023 Ageo City are inviting locals to vote on a new playground to be put in. To be honest, they all look amazing – whichever wins will be a real asset to the park. Check them out here on the official website.


BBQ area in Ageo Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park through the seasons


Plum blossoms Ageo Maruyama Park 2021
Plum blossoms Ageo Maruyama Park February 23rd 2021



In summer the wading streams, fireflies and beetles draw families from afar. You can see the fireflies in July. There is normally a viewing event, but it may not be able to go ahead in 2023. If you are looking for somewhere to see Iris and Hydrangea together in Saitama prefecture, this is a great spot. The iris and hydrangea have become quite famous and attract photographers, Instagrammers and cosplayers.

Iris Festival
Maruyama Iris Festival 2023
Water play in 2024

The water play area / wading river is open in 2024. This wading river is actually open all year round. During the summer months you can use it between 9 am and 5 pm. However, every month it closes for 3 days in a row, Tuesday to Thursday, in the middle of the month for cleaning. In winter it is off limits after 3 pm. Other water play areas in Saitama Prefecture.



Ageo Maruyama Park barbecue area


Hours and other information


Don’t miss Enomoto Farm and Bara no Komichi which are both close to the park, particularly the North end (iris, hydrangea, nature hall).

Official website

There is now also an official English language web page for the park


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