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Moomin Day fireworks and celebrations in 2022.

In 2019, Metsa Village had a popular fireworks called Forest and Lake and Fireworks. It may have become an annual event had it not been for the pandemic. They did actually have a variation of the event in 2020, but they had to cancel it in 2021. The fireworks are back in 2022. But they are doing things quite differently. This year, the fireworks will be on Moomin Day, which is August 9th.

Moomin Day Fireworks 2022

It is just a small fireworks display, only scheduled to last 20 minutes, from 7.40 pm. It will not go ahead if there is rain. Information is a bit limited at the moment, but they have said they will have more information in the coming days. What we do know is that tickets for a reserved seat in Kokemus will go on sale on Friday July 8th. There will be other Moomin Day events from August 3rd to August 9th.


As this information is not yet available, all I can tell you at the moment is how they have operated in that past. Previously, tickets had to be secured in advance. There were two ways to get a ticket. One, buy one online. The other was to take part in the Metsa shopping campaign. We will know more on July 8th.

Metsa is a Finnish theme park based on the characters of Moomin. The Metsa Village area opened late in 2018 and the park was finalized in spring of 2019 with the opening of Moomin Valley Park.

Autumn fireworks

Metsa Fireworks

Metsa have had fireworks in Autumn too in the past. The fireworks were launched over the lake from the forest from 7.30 pm to about 8.10 pm. During that time, there is usually a balloon sky in Moominvalley park, but it is not yet known if they will have that in 2022. They use about 3,600 balloons to create harvest scenes in three areas of “Harvest Gate,” “Berry Road,” and “Apple Forest”. The day after Harvest finishes, November 9th, is the anniversary of Metsa Village and they usually have an anniversary event on that day with Santa Claus. The Metsa Christmas village usually starts on November 1st.

Miyazawa Lake site of the Metsa fireworks 2020

Metsa is located by the Miyazawa lake which is one of Saitama’s scenic Autumn leaf viewing locations. We timed it wrong last year, and missed the vibrant colors. However, Metsa is always picturesque thanks to the lake and forest. But adding fireworks to that combination will make for an Autumn night to remember!

Information and Access

Official event web page

Hours: Both Moominvalley park and Moomin shortened their hours during the pandemic. The Moominvalley park hours are near impossible to find on their website! But according to Google maps they are still using shorter hours – 10 am to 5 pm. Metsa seems to be open until 6 pm.

Cost: Metsa Village is free to enter. There is a charge to enter Moominvalley park. Prices went up dramatically during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic it was 1000 yen, now it is 3000 yen per adult for a ticket bought in advance, 3200 yen at the door. It costs 1800 yen for children if bought in advance and 2000 yen at the door. It is not yet known if there is an additional cost for the fireworks, but presumably there will be for a reserved seat.

You also have to pay for parking. Thankfully they have reduced the cost of parking significantly. The car park is now free on weekdays and is capped at a 1500 maximum charge on weekends.


By car: about 10 minutes from the Sayama Hidaka Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. Although the event is on a weekday, the parking lot will operate like on the weekends. That is, parking will be charged.

By public transport: A bus goes from Seibu Ikebukuro Line’s Hanno Station . It takes about 13 minutes and costs 200 yen. There is normally a bus from JR Hachiko Line’s Higashi Hanno station, but please confirm as it was temporarily suspended during the outbreak. On foot it takes about 35 minutes to the park from the station.

Moominvalley park and Metsa Village are operated by Rights & Brands Japan.

Check out the free “Moomin Valley” nearby in the Tove Jansson Akebono Children’s Forest. 

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