Koinobori carp streamers Midori no Mura RV Park for festival

For years, Midori no Mura had a regular horse interaction / riding event monthly. And then, you-know-what happened. We actually went to Midori no Mura several times during the pandemic. Despite how lovely the park is, its rare for it to be busy because of its remote location. It was an ideal location for social distancing! Moreover, Ogano town is a truly gorgeous part of the Chichibu District and in my top five favourite locations in Saitama Prefecture. This post contains information for the regular horse interaction event and the annual Midori no Mura Festival.

Midori No Mura Park

Midori No Mura Ogano Chichibu. Map of facilities. ©insaitama.com

Midori No Mura is a resort in the hills of Ogano. There are log cabins and a retreat center for overnight stay as well as an RV park. In addition, there is a cafe. There is also a public park with a small playground and a cafe. In the summer they used to have a pool, but now they just have a water play area: a nice wading river. Before the pandemic the park had lots of annual events and monthly events too. However, the regular horse riding experience event is back in 2024. But there is currently no mention of the petting zoo which also used to be a regular monthly event. Some of their events require advance application, but there is no such stipulation for the horse interaction event:

Horse Interaction / Riding

Horses come to Midori no Mura once a month. There is no charge to just interact with them, but if you want to ride a horse it costs 500 yen. Its just a short ride. Children over three can ride, but children aged between three and six years old need to be accompanied by a parent. The horses are there between around 10 am and 3 pm.

Midori no Mura Festival

The Midori No Mura Festival is on the last day of Golden Week in 2024 on Monday May 6th. It is the first time in five years the festival is on. It is a particularly child friendly event. They will have their koinobori flying for the festival and the preceding weeks. You can see the koinobori, aka flying carp streamers, in the featured photo at the top of the post.

Ogano mascot at Midori no mura festival

My four kids have really enjoyed this festival in the past. The resort’s mascot and Ogano city’s mascot are available for a meet and greet. There is a free pet corner and several crafts that children enjoy. You can pay to play on a bouncy castle. And there are some food booths too. They have koinobori, flying carp, up for the occasion. Even during the pandemic they put up their carp streamers.


Event: Monthly horse interaction / riding event

Date: Sunday April 28th 2024 for the horse event, Monday May 6th for the park festival.

Time: from 10 am to 3 pm.

Cost: free to interact, 500 yen to ride

Venue: Midori no Mura, 853 Iida, Ogano, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0111. View on Google Maps.


This area is quite difficult to get to by public transport, car is recommended. There are two entrances into the park, both are a long drive from the main park area. There is parking for day trippers beside the RV Park / cafe. Please note the log cabins are only available from May to October.

Official event page.

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