Misato Summer Festival Fireworks

Usually there is a Misato Summer Festival with fireworks annually in the second half of August, generally on a Friday. However, due to the pandemic, there has been no summer festival and no fireworks since 2019. But in 2023, they will have a fireworks for the first time in four years. However, they will be in Autumn rather than summer. Moreover, you need to purchase a reserved ticket in advance...

Misato Fireworks 2023

These fireworks are held in conjunction with Nagareyama city in Chiba, who also have their fireworks on the same night, just across the river! This year they will also mark the opening of the Misato Nagareyama bridge which was completed this year and will be open to traffic.

Unfortunately, Misato has followed the lead of several other cities and no longer has a free viewing area. You need to purchase a ticket in advance and they are limited to 6000 people. Within Saitama, Kawagoe was one of the first to do it, in 2022. In 2023, quite a few have done the same, including the nearby Todabashi in summer. They say it is to suppress the number of visitors for safety.

In 2023, the fireworks are on Saturday October 7th from 6 pm to 7 pm. The Nagareyama Fireworks across the river in Chiba will be on from 6 to 6.40 pm. The opening ceremony on the Saitama side starts from 5.45 pm. The fireworks will go ahead if there is light rain, but if there is heavy rain they will be cancelled (not postponed). Its a bit shorter than in the past, so presumably they won’t be launching as many fireworks as pre pandemic. They used to launch about 14,000 fireworks. The viewing area is Edogawa Undo Park.


However, as aforementioned, you can only view the fireworks from the venue, if you have bought a ticket in advance. A limited number of 6000 tickets, for the general public, go on sale on from Monday September 4th. (The pre-sale discount tickets for Misato residents are already sold out). General public tickets cost 2000 yen if you buy them at a convenience store, 2200 yen if you buy them by web / phone application.

>>Didn’t get a ticket!? Here is another fireworks display on the same night, with a free viewing area.<<


Event: Misato Fireworks 三郷花火がナイト

Date: Saturday October 7th 2023

Time: 5.45 pm to 7 pm

Cost: 2000 yen for the general public for tickets bought at either Family Mart or 7-11 convenience store. 2200 yen if bought by phone / web booking.

Venue: Edogawa Undo Park, 〒341-0018 Saitama, Misato, Waseda, 3 Chome−30−7. View on Google Maps.


There is no official parking for this event and Misato City request that you come by public transport. The park is about a fifteen minute walk from JR Musashino Line’s Misato station.

Official website

The featured image at head of page from the official Misato city website.

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