Miyashiro Town Festival

The Miyashiro Town Festival is scheduled for 2022 for the first time in three years. Miyashiro Town is best known for being the home to Tobu Zoo and amusement park, which incidentally has a night zoo and small fireworks display on the same night as the Miyashiro Town Festival.

Miyashiro Town Festival

Like many festivals this year, this year’s summer festival in Miyashiro will be a festival “lite”. For one, it is usually on for two days. But this year it will just be on for one – Saturday August 20th 2022. In the case of inclement weather, it will be postponed until Sunday August 21st. Another change is that the festival will be on for a shorter period than usual. Normally it is on from 10 am to 8.30 pm. But in 2022 it will only be on from 5 to 8 pm.

Another difference is that they are not releasing detailed information like they usually do. Currently, there isn’t even an event flyer. Normally, they have a brochure! The featured image for this post is from a previous year’s event brochure. In a normal year, this festival is very child friendly with lots of activities for the kids to enjoy. However, it would seem there will be a lot less available. There is normally also ‘mikoshi’ portable shrines, traditional dance and taiko performances, to name but a few.

The location is the same though. The festival is on at the Miyashiro Machi Skip Hiroba, close to both Tobu Dobutsu Koen station and Tobu Zoo.

Miyashiro Town Festival Access

Address: Miyashiro Machi Skip Hiroba 宮代町 スキップ広場, 1 Chome-4 Kasahara, Miyashiro, Minamisaitama District, Saitama 345-0822

Within walking distance of the Tobu Doubutsu Koen station on the Tobu Skytree Line. View on Google Maps.

Official event page.

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