Miyoshi Festival and fireworks – I haven’t been in many years, but for a number of years in a row we attended this local festival in Miyoshi town beside Tokorozawa. One of the reasons I liked this particular festival is because it is at the start of September when the evening temperatures have dropped enough to make a difference. It is hot when the sun drops, but not uncomfortably hot like at the end of July and early August. I also like that it has a more local feel and isn’t as crowded as some of the other summer festivals.

Miyoshi Festival

The festival is held around the area of the park and the town hall. About 43,000 people attend the festival yearly. There are a number of festival stalls, some with food / drink others with festival games. Hundreds participate in the traditional dance; some are part of a dancing group, but many spectators join in and it is fun to both watch and participate.

They usually have an international element to the festival as well, including some performances from 6.45 pm. However, in 2023, they don’t seem to have that element to the festival. However, they do have all the other regular features such as taiko drum performances, hayashi (traditional festival music), and traditional dance as aforementioned.

Miyoshi Fireworks

Miyoshi fireworks firework displays saitama
Taken in 2007 on an old mobile (flip) phone!

For the finale, they launch about 2,000 fireworks. I think that, while the festival is quite local and small, it attracts people from surrounding cities and towns too, because it is a nice way / place to say sayonara to summer! Also, after this festival, fireworks are less frequent for the rest of the year. But don’t miss the world record fireworks in October each year in Konosu!


Event: Miyoshi Festival 2023 第30回みよしまつり

Date: Saturday September 2nd. It will be postponed until Sunday September 3rd if there is bad weather on the 2nd.

Time: 3 pm to 8.30 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee, bring some yen to enjoy the festival food and games!

Venue: Miyoshi machi undo park (Miyoshi Sports / Exercise Park)

Access Miyoshi Festival

The park is quite far from the nearest stations. Mizuhodai and Tsuruse stations on the Tobu Tojo line are both about a 30 to 35 minute walk away. But they request that you avoid coming by car, as parking is extremely limited, and come by public transport.

2023 official event page

Miyoshi is home to the very excellent Santome:

Within Santome there is also an Environmental and Educational Plant tour and an Environmental School and Storyteller Museum.

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