Mizohata Park Sakado 2013

Mizohata Park, Sakado – for those living or moving to Sakado City with children.

I tried a new park today. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine to find new places to bring the kids, can you tell!? The park is Mizohata Park in Sakado, only a 2 minute walk from Kitasakado station and quite close to the Sakado Jidokan (free children’s community centre).  It’s a small park; basically a playground and green open space cum baseball field. It has toilets, but what park in Japan doesn’t? It also has free parking, about 20 spaces.

Mizohata Park

Mizohata Park Sakado

The playground has a unique piece of playground equipment; a flying-fox-coaster. That’s my made up name for it, not sure if it has an official name. It’s a flying fox that goes around and up and down, reminded me of a rollercoaster… take a look at the photo “flying fox” in the gallery! It also has a very basic little maze, visible in the first and second photo in the gallery, with fun play areas in it such as a tunnel, a little house and a slide. There are lots of speaking tube toys; where tubing connects sound horns and other speaking boxes to allow voices to travel to separate points. There are 3 slides, two built like animals and one is a roller slide, 4 swings, a sandpit and 4 spring animals/ vehicles.

Mizohata Park Sakado November 2013

Most of the leaves have fallen as you can tell in the photos, but as you can see there was some nice foliage left in parts.

Sakado Parks

Interestingly, Sakado City doesn’t really have a good recreational park. All of the surrounding cities and towns do, but it is one thing Sakado is lacking. There is the sports park where the summer pools are and lots of small parks, but there isn’t even one decent sized park in all of Sakado! The largest is Nissai Park (not to be confused with the cherry blossoms in Nissai which are called Kitaasaba sakura), which is not big at all.


On Google maps as Mizobata Park. In Japanese: 溝端公園

Address: 〒350-0274 Saitama, Sakado, Mizohatacho, 6−6−6

Phone: 0492831331

Hours: open 24 hours

Cost: free

Parking: for about six cars

2020: this is a first – in all my years of blogging with WordPress. The photos on this post just up and disappeared! And I don’t know when or how or why. I found a few from that visit in November 2013 in my personal files and have re-added them. But I know I have more, I will keep searching!

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