Skeeter Syndrome Mosquitoes Japan

Mosquito bites and the skeeter syndrome. My eldest daughter, the 2 year old (2yo), got bitten alive the night before last. She had at least 20 mozzie bites all over her body. I suspect it was a brown mosquito (/es). They tend to bite more, and are bigger and faster than the mosquitos you see in the height of summer. It’s not the first time she’s got bitten, she gets bit often, but its the first time she got so many at once and got a bad reaction.

Skeeter syndrome

On one area of her leg the area around the bite became hard, red and very swollen. I searched online for information in English about mosquitoes and bites specific to Japan, to put my mind at rest until the morning, but alas I could find nothing specific to Japan… And so here I am, for the next poor English speaking parent fretting about a young child’s mosquito bites in Japan.

Skeeter Syndrome

Skeeter Syndrome Mosquitoes Japan

I brought 2 year old to the pharmacist this morning, to get some treatment and also to get a professional opinion on whether a trip to the Doctor was necessary. She appears to have skeeter syndrome (explained on Wiki here), which is a reaction some children get to a bite resulting in red hard swelling. He checked that the bite areas didn’t have a “fever”, which I found out later can be an indicator of complications from a bite. He gave me a cream and advised me to bring her to the Doctor in three days if there is no change or a change for the worse in her bites.

Over the counter cream

cream for skeeter syndrome and mosquito bites Japan Enkuron

The cream he gave me is エンクロン軟膏EX (Enkuron Ointment Ex) by Shiseido. It contains Prednisolone valerate acetate which I understand to be a type of hydrocortisone. It also contains antihistamines, including diphenhydramine which my research has indicated is in line with treatment for a severe reaction in many other countries. Below is a photo of the bite after just one application of the cream.
Mosquito bite post ointment

I also talked to the pharmacist about likely complications from the bite. He assured me that the mosquitoes in most parts of Japan do not carry illnesses that are a threat to humans. He said that cases of Japanese encephalitis are extremely rare in this part of Japan. This is in line with what my kids pediatrician told me on a previous occasion. The pharmacist also told me it is highly unlikely that she will develop a delayed reaction of swelling in another part of her body, such as the throat. I felt a lot more at ease after talking to him, I will be keeping a close eye on 2 year old for the next few days.

If you would like more ideas of how to treat mosquito bites and deter mosquitoes with home remedies, check out this article here.

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  1. ouch! poor wee thing. i hope she recovers soon

  2. Hi! my son is also a mosquito-bite prone little boy 🙁 so as my niece. We’ll surely try the ointment you’ve posted because somehow, the ointments from hifuka works slow. I was amazed to see the effect with just one application. Thanks! and best of luck living here in Japan…. Best of luck to both of us 🙂
    — mom of a 6 and 5y/o from Aichi ken.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment and the encouragement. Yes, we face so many challenges all we can do is “our best” 😀 But I love how everyday here I discover something new. I hope your son enjoys some mosquito free time now, I know we will!

  3. My husband and I went on vacation to Japan in September 2011. We visited Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto. I got the same mosquito bites on my legs and my left arm. It developed in worse than your daughter. It was itching like hell and getting bigger and bigger and some of them had even yellow disgusting liquid inside. No one could explain to me what was happening because in my country mosquito bites can never have such a reaction. I still have scars on my legs.
    I had the same mosquito bites when I went to Sydney but less worse because I resisted and didn’t scratch.
    Thank you for sharing with us because even me I couldn’t find information about it.
    Next time I visit Japan, I won’t forget to wear tights to avoid being bitten by crazy mosquitos ^^

    1. Author

      Thank you for commenting. 🙂 Sometimes its so hot its hard to cover up, but tt is probably a good idea to avoid bites when you get such a bad reaction. And this year with mosquitos in Tokyo carrying the Dengue fever for the first time in 70 years, it is very necessary.

    1. Author

      Thanks Claremary, this actually an old post showing as recent. I am having a bit of trouble syncing my new self hosted site… I thought I’d challenge myself, I maybe in over my head!

      1. Good you told me. I would have thought I was experiencing a deja vu! I know I’m over my head with this stuff, but every time I learn something new, I feel I’ve conquered Mt. Everest . (I still remember how you fixed my link for me when I put in the ; instead of the : ) Thanks, again 🙂 😉

        1. Author

          🙂 I know not everyone feels this way, but I do think we’re all in this together. It is a big learning curve, but with a little help from our blogging community and lots of patience and perserverance, we’ll surely get there in the end. I’m just not quite sure where “there” is yet, but I’m going to have lots of fun (and failures!) on the way. 🙂 I’m always happy to help out, if/when I can. I think you are the same.

          1. Author

            I still don’t know what memes are!!!!

          2. Pictures with clever, catchy quips on them. I think some memes actually dance around on the page with captions underneath – not sure about that, though.

          3. Author

            Ahhh… finally, the penny has dropped – thanks to you. Lol – now why couldn’t I find an easy explanation like that on Google! THANK YOU 🎵☀

          4. Hopefully, I understood it correctly. Should I find out I’m wrong, I’ll tell you . I’ve taken a photo of Roxie and made a meme I’ll use when she writes her next AKA The Other Cat post.

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