Mrs Hamburger slider burgers and ramone float

Mrs Hamburger is the crème de la crème of the relatively new Enmusubi Yokocho food court in Hatago Coedoya hotel in Kawagoe. Enmusubi Yokocho, or Enyoko for short, is a food court not just for gastronome, but for Instagrammers too, with food that is as picturesque as it is delicious. The fact that the burgers are 100% made of 100% wagyu beef (i.e. no fillers within the burger itself) makes the burgers worth their slightly higher than average price.

Mrs. Hamburger

Mrs Hamburger in Hotel Hatago Coedoya in the enyoko food court, Kawagoe
Still popular in 2024

Mrs. Hamburger opened on August 25th 2020, shortly after the Enyoko food court and Hatago Coedoyo hotel opened. The signature dish is the sliders served on a cup of potato fries. Designed that way so you can walk and eat with them, as Kawagoe tourist area is known for “tabe-aruki”. 食べ歩き tabearuki is a compound of two verbs: to eat and to walk. It means, as you’ve probably guessed, to eat while walking. Eating while walking is generally considered rude in Japan, but there area areas, such as Kawagoe city, where it is not only acceptable, but practically expected! Kawagoe is a great city for food, period.

The Menu

100% Wagyu beef sliders at Mrs Hamburger in kawagoe

In a nutshell: burgers, fries and drinks. The sliders are what have put it on the map, so to speak, and social media too! For those, like me, who’d never heard of a slider, apparently they are mini hamburgers that are grilled in a particular way. You get four sliders in the set. You get to choose two flavors, from six, for your burger. The 100% Wagyu beef burger is then dressed with the flavor of your choice. What I love is that the sauce doesn’t overwhelm and the rich flavor of the wagyu beef comes through. The sliders are served with buns that are lightly toasted and come in different colors.

Ramune float at Mrs Hamburger

Apart from the sliders, they also have regular hamburgers. They even have an ice-cream with a burger in it! We only realized that on the way out on our second trip – new life goal right there! I noticed it on the menu above the counter, which is all written in English. The menu by the cash register and around the counter are in Japanese. Mrs. Hamburger also have a really good selection of drinks. And when you buy the sliders it comes as a fixed set with a drink of your choice. If you follow Mrs Hamburger on Instagram you can get a dollop of ice-cream on top of your drink, to make it a float, for no additional charge. The sliders also come with chips / French fries…

Top chips / French fries

I particularly liked their French fries. They are just the right amount of salty and crispy. Moreover, they keep their crispiness over time. One of my daughters loves French fries (chips as we call them in Ireland), she gets that from me, and has a ranking of French Fries! She puts Mrs Hamburger’s fries as #5 on her list (of about 50). It replaced Hotto Motto, which I have to agree have pretty good French Fries too. Supposedly the owner taste tested more than 100 fries before he settled on these ones.

The verdict

I make no secret of the fact that I am not a foodie. There is food I dislike and unfortunately, just in recent years, food I am allergic to. But other than that I simply just enjoy all food and couldn’t tell you the difference in quality just from taste! For me, the aesthetics and particularly the vibe of a place are as important as the taste of their food. But somehow my children have become foodies! And one of them inherited her, ever so modest, father’s skills of super tasting. They – my daughter and husband – can always deduce the ingredients of any dish simply from savoring the food. Mrs Hamburger gets a thumbs up from that daughter and all my children for the taste and a thumbs up from me for the photogenically and the atmosphere.

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Mrs Hamburger Information

Address: Mrs. Hamburger, ミセス・ハンバーガー, 8-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe, Saitama 〒350-0066

Phone: 049-298-6262

Hours: 11 am to 8 pm 9 pm (2024 update), but last order for eating in is 8 pm.

Cost: from 800 yen. In 2024 the slider set with four burgers, chips and a drink is 1630 yen.

Online: Official website from which you can order online for delivery by Demaecan, Ubereats or their own delivery service. By the by, if you are staying in the hotel, you can bring the food up to your room. Official Instagram.


The Hatago Coedoya hotel is about a ten minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe station, about 13 minutes on foot from Kawagoeshi station and about 20 minutes from Kawagoe station. There is no official parking, but there are plenty of coin parking lots in the area. However, they are often full. There is a large one on Taisho Roman Yume Street that usually has free spaces, probably because it is more expensive than most!

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