Cosmos flowers at Kazo Miraikan

A notable absence from the blog all these years, the cosmos at Kazo Miraikan has been on my “must visit” list for far too long! I finally visited yesterday. And while they were nothing like I had expected, that is not necessarily a bad thing! From the photos I’ve seen over the years, I actually thought the cosmos were on the grounds of Kazo Miraikan, but they aren’t. They are just nearby. But they are generally referred to as Kazo Miraikan Cosmos and the parking for them is in the Miraikan overflow car park, which is also the parking for the Kazo Tonegawa Kodomo Kan.

**This is just a really quick post to get the information out in real time. Its already been a day since I visited. And although cosmos generally last quite long, typhoons and other mitigating factors can often cut their bloom period short. I will eventually (possibly even tomorrow) come back and add more photos and more information.

Kazo Miraikan Cosmos

multicolored cosmos in front of Daijoin Temple in Kazo City

There are four different cosmos fields at the Miraikan. One of the fields, the one in front of Daijoin pictured above, is already in full bloom. It is a field of several different colors of cosmos. They include shades of white, yellow, orange and purple. There are two more fields on the other side of the road with the same colors, but they are not as far along. The field that you can see the Miraikan in the background is of white, pink and purple shades of cosmos, as per the featured photo at the top of the post.

The Miraikan

The Miraikan is a planetarium and astronomical observation facility. It is a beautiful building at the top of the embankment for the Tone River. There is also a restaurant, playground, play center and farmer’s market on the grounds.

Just a couple of notes:

  • The Kazo Tonegawa Kodomo Kan that I mention, seems to be a new addition at Kazo Miraikan. If you look at photos online for the Miraikan Cosmos, the building isn’t in most photos!
  • They are doing some work on the embankment of the Tone River and you can’t currently walk out on to the embankment from the grounds of Miraikan.


Cosmos by Kazo Miraikan, I’ve used the address of Kazo Tonegawa Kodomo Kan as the cosmos are not on maps, and its the closest thing on maps to the parking and one of the fields.

Season: late September to about mid October

Hours: the car park by the Kodomo Kan is open even when Miraikan isn’t, but please note it maybe closed overnight.

Address: 350-16 Sotono, Kazo, Saitama 347-0002. On Google Maps.

Cost: Free

Official web page of the Kazo Miraikan, I don’t think there is one for the cosmos fields.


About a 15 minute drive from the Kazo Interchange of the Tohoku Expressway.

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