A tunnel of sakura at Musenyama KDDI Forest in Ina Town Saitama

Musenyama, also known as the KDDI Forest, is a greenery trust in Ina Town. There are approximately 100 large sized (roughly 10 meters tall) cherry blossom trees, all about 80 years old, creating a 200 meter tunnel of sakura. Currently, Inamachi are planning to go ahead with a cherry blossom festival in 2022, but nothing like normal. There will be no special events, but they are planning to have some stalls. The festival was completely cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 on account of the pandemic.


Musenyama is number thirteen of fourteen greenery trust conservation sites in Saitama Prefecture. It is on the trust list for its Konara Oak and other deciduous trees. But the park is most known for its avenue of cherry blossoms. The name is a pun on the absence of a KDDI antenna that used to be at the site. Musen 無線 in Japanese means wireless and yama 山 means mountain. The number ten greenery trust conservation site in Saitama Prefecture is also on this blog, here.

2022 Musenyama Cherry Blossoms

Latest: the cherry blossoms were reported as having started to bloom on March 23rd.

While not a festival in the traditional sense, they use the term to indicate the period in which there will be stalls selling local produce. The 2022 cherry blossom ‘festival’ period in Musenyama is from Saturday March 26th until Sunday April 10th from 10 am to 5 pm on dry days. In a ‘normal’ year the cherry blossoms are lit up at night until 8 pm. However, unfortunately in 2022 they will not be lighting the trees up at night.

Furthermore, normally during the period you can picnic under the trees. However, in 2022 they are not letting people sit down under the trees. Therefore, you can not use picnic sheets or outdoor chairs. Moreover, there will be no live entertainment. Normally, for two days within the “festival” period there is a proper full on festival with food stalls and live entertainment. That normally falls on the last weekend of March.

In the area

There are also beautiful cherry blossoms in Hiratsuka park, in neighboring Ageo, which is about a 17 minute walk or 4 minute drive from Musen-yama. Beside that there is an excellent Spo-cha which has a kid’s spocha too. And for future reference, later in spring you can see roses in Ina town!


Address: Komuro, Ina, Kitaadachi District, Saitama 362-0806

Phone: 0488243661

Hours: the park is open 24 hours

Cost: Free, but parking is charged during the festival period.

Featured image from the official Ina town tourism website.


The nearest station is Shiku station on the New Shuttle line. It is about an 8 to 10 minute walk from the KDDI Musenyama forest. Both Ageo Station and Hasuda station are about a 45 minute walk from the park, but buses go relatively near Musen-yama from both stations.

Parking is available. It costs 300 yen during the period of the ‘festival’ and is free at all other times. Please note there are only 8 parking spots.

First published in 2016, revamped and republished in March 2022.

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