NaBloPoMo November 2015

Today, sees the start of NaBloPoMo. Organised by Blogher and approved and supported by WordPress, NaBloPoMo is one of the biggest blogging events there is. This year I am taking part.

Say What!?
NaBloPoMo – basically an abbreviation for National Blog Posting Month. Blogher have been running it since 2011, but it started in 2006. From the blogher website:

NaBloPoMo starts November 1 and runs until November 30. Just make the commitment to post on your own blog every day. It’s that simple.

To increase your exposure and participation, you should:

  1. Add your blog to the November NaBloPoMo blogroll until November 5. (That’s the list we’re using to choose the prizes, too.)

  2. Support other bloggers doing NaBloPoMo by reading a handful of the other blogs on the blogroll. Cheer them along, and they’ll cheer you on, too.

  3. You can also cross-post your blog posts onto the NaBloPoMo site for more exposure.

  4. If you need daily inspiration, bookmark the NaBloPoMo prompts. It will show all the prompts for the month posted so you can plan ahead.

Apart from the prompts mentioned in #4 above, WordPress are also offering support and have some great advice on how to “make it through NaBloPoMo”.

  • Do a bit of advance planning — make yourself a prompt box, a box (or a jar, or a hat) filled with slips of paper on which you’ve written post ideas, words, and quotes. When you need a jolt, pull out a slip and see where it takes you.

  • Try something new — use a new post format, insert a new kind of media, or write in a different style. Normally write non-fiction? Try a poem or a short story. Use Instagram? Embed some of your shots into a post. Take the opportunity to push yourself, and you’ll learn things that will help you blog more and better in the longer run.

  • Plagiarize yourself! Revisit comments you’ve made on other blogs — you can find them right in your Reader. Something about the post you read inspired you to say something, so build on that.

  • Find creative ways to use drafts you’ve abandoned. Finish a post you started months ago and forgot about. Create poetry with phrases pulled from drafts. Give old ideas new life.

I signed up on October 28th and was the 269th blog to join.  After signing up I got myself a NaBloPoMo badge here: And that’s it; all you need to get started on NaBloPoMo – the writing’s up to you!

I hope you’ll stick around to see how I get on with a month of daily blogging, despite all life will throw in the way. I took WordPress’ advice and have put some ideas together to help me write daily. I will be working to 3 themes each week on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I plan on using this month to reveal a bit more about me, including coming out of the alias closet donned in my full real name! There may well be other surprises in the mix too…

What are you doing to get through NaBloPoMo? Any hints you’d like to share?

Comments are always appreciated...

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