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Kawagoe’s famous artist Kimio Yajima currently has a free exhibition, “Kaeru (frog) Wonderland” in the Nakacho Tourist Information Center. It is the same display that was in Koedo Kurari earlier in the year. You may recognize the name of the artist Kimio Yajima as I have mentioned him several times over the years. He is an incredible artist that sculpts animals (mainly) from Styrofoam. He has several pieces displayed in various parts of Kawagoe, not just the tourist area. His most recent addition is a giant sweet potato outside Hotel Hatago Coedoya.

This post is in a different style to my usual posts, because like a million other small websites around the world, my site’s visibility has been up and down since September 2023, but even more so in the last six weeks due to changes in search engines. A rant for another day. But as Google is currently (ironically) giving more visibility to shorter posts with no headings or any discernible format, I am trying this basic style as an experiment!

Kimio Yajima's singing frog for exhibition in Kawagoe

The exhibition is already on and runs until Tuesday May 28th. As the name of the exhibition implies, it showcases some of his frog Styrofoam art. One of my favorite pieces of his of all time is the giant – 280 cm – singing frog, pictured above (not the best photo, sorry). You can see the ‘Kaeru (frog) Wonderland’ exhibition from 10 am to 5 pm at the Nakacho tourist office, pictured in the feature photo at the top of the post. There is no entry fee and its okay to take photos.

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