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The Nakasendo “Naegi Ichi” was known as the “Hina-Ichi” (Hina Doll Market) for many years, mainly selling hina dolls, and it was held on the 1st of April. However, they changed it to a “Naegi Ichi”, which is a seedling market, to encourage citizens to plant flowers and trees. Moreover, in 1997 they added the ‘wisteria festival’ to the event and changed the date to April 29th. However, in recent years, it matches the bloom of the wisteria. Moreover, it is on for one week rather than one day.

Nakasendo Seedling Market

The Nakasendo is a very famous trail in Japan that connected Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period. Even though Saitama is North of Tokyo, the route passed through Saitama as it was a mountain route. Parts of the trail remain intact to this day. Several of Saitama’s cities and towns are on the route, including Warabi city. It was called Warabi Juku, which means the Warabi stop which would have been a rest area on the route. The Nakasendo “seedling market” sells saplings, garden plants and flowers.

Moreover, there is a flea market and several events, including taiko performances and an emergency vehicle area where kids can dress up as policemen or firefighters. There are also events at the wisteria site…

Warabi Wisteria Festival

The wisteria festival is on at Sangakuin’s wisteria, which is located on the grounds of Kitamachi community center. At the site of the wisteria they have an open-air tea ceremony and traditional Japanese performances. Moreover, they are on under the sprawling wisteria ♡. The Sangakuin wisteria is open to the public from Saturday April 20th to the 29th 2024, weather permitting. The open air tea ceremony is usually on between 11.30 and 3 pm. It costs 500 yen to participate.

>>More wisteria locations in Saitama Prefecture.


Event: Nakasendo Seedling Market and Wisteria Festival

Dates: from Saturday April 20th to public holiday Monday 29th 2024, on fine days

Time: the wisteria is open to the public from 11 am to 3 pm, the festival on the 29th is on from 10 am to 5 pm.

Cost: free to enter the venues, tea ceremony costs 500 yen

Venue: Nakasendo Seedling Market is on the Nakasendo road. Around the area of Kitamachi crossroads and Central Pocket Park. The Wisteria festival is held on the grounds of Kitamachi Community Center: 3 Chome-2 Kitamachi, Warabi, Saitama 335-0001. View on Google Maps.


Both locations are about a 15 minute walk from Warabi station. Also, they are about a 15 minute walk from each other.

Official web page – all images from that page.

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily off the website during the pandemic. It was republished on April 17th 2023. Last update April 18th 2024.

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