Night Illumination for FavFotoFriday

This is part of  Sandy (of Scribbles and Musings) #FavFotoFriday challenge. I am not a photographer, nor am I aspiring to be one. I just like taking photos. 🙂

The #FavFotoFriday is a WordPress Daily Post approved challenge. It’s simple; pick a favourite photo you took in the last week, share it, pingback to Sandy and use the tag. Despite travelling to Yokohama twice this week, Tokyo once and having mini adventures with my kids, it would seem I didn’t take even one good photo all week, they are all mediocre. With time against me to fulfill the NaBloPoMo challenge of a post a day (6 minutes to midnight here)  I chose one from our Halloween night in the woods of Shinrin Park.

I chose this photo, because I like Night Illumination, not because I think it is a particularly good photo.  Quite the opposite; I realised that my smart phone doesn’t take good night photos. I am new to the world of Android and still have a lot to learn. If anyone has any tips on how to best take a photo at night with Kyocera android, please do share! Regardless, next time I go to view the Winter Illumination, I’ll be sure to bring a regular camera!

NIght Illumination at Shinrin Park

NIght Illumination at Shinrin Park

Happy Weekend.

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