Steamed bun Nikuman Fair Laketown

The Steamed Bun Fair, or as the organizers call it in English – the Chinese Steamed Buns Expo – is back at Aeon Lake Town in Koshigaya for the first time in three years. In Japanese it is called 中華まん博覧会 ‘Chukaman Hakurankai’. Chukaman means Chinese Steamed Buns and Hakurankai means exposition or fair.

Steamed Bun Fair

It is a very popular chukaman food fair held annually (excluding pandemic years) in Laketown Koshigaya. There are more than 100 different types of take away steamed bun on sale as well as about 20 varieties that you can buy freshly heated! In addition, they have Chinese lanterns up in the festival area. The area is actually relatively small, but the queues are long!

The last time it was on it was on earlier in the winter season, starting during the last week of January. So when I checked in January and couldn’t find information I assumed it wasn’t on. Then today while I was looking something else up I saw that not only is it on, its on right now! It started on February 3rd and will be on until Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

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>>Did you know that Saitama has a chukaman factory that you can visit? Check out the free nikuman museum in Iruma (information in English linked).<<


Event: Chinese Steamed Buns Expo or as I call it, the Steamed Bun Fair! In Japanese: 中華まん博覧会2023

Dates: Friday February 3rd to Valentines Day, Tuesday February 14th 2023.

Time: 11 am to 6 pm. (In the past it always finished early on the last day, at 4 pm, but there is currently no such notification for 2023).

Cost: no charge to enter the food festival area, the chukaman (steamed bun) prices vary greatly from around 300 yen to 800 yen!

Venue: Fountain area “噴水広場 特設会場” on the 1st floor of Mori Mall, Koshigaya Laketown. View on Google Maps.


The mall is located close to JR Koshigaya Laketown Station. Where possible, they advise you to come by public transport because the area can be very congested with traffic. There is parking at the mall, charged by the hour.

Organizer’s website: the featured photo was taken from this website.

Event information on Koshigaya Laketown.

Editors note: this event was temporarily removed from the blog during the pandemic. It was republished on February 9th 2023.


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      An opportunity!? The first ever steamed bun fair, brought to you by Andys World Journeys!!

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