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Nishinohara Central Park
Fujimino with kids

Nishinohara Central Park – Fujimino is somewhat shadowed by its neighbouring cities, which have a lot more to offer children and families. However, there are some gems in Fujimino that make it a fun place to visit with small children. Not least the old, but functional, and unusual Nishinohara Park in downtown Fujimino.

Nishinohara park

Despite the lack of parking, people came from far and wide to play in this stimulating park.  Even though the park is dated people still come from further afield to give the kids a half day of fun. On our last visit we were talking to people who had travelled from Kawagoe, Iruma, Asaka and even Omiya to play with the unusual equipment in the park. There was a whole preschool of children there from Niiza. Even we had travelled more than ten kilometres to hang out in the park.


What makes it so enticing for families with small children is that it has two main large play areas. There is also other equipment dotted throughout the park. One of the playgrounds is uniquely shaped. It has layers climaxing to a tower which has a popular cement slide on one side and a roller slide on the other. Unfortunately, the roller slide is a bit worse for wear and doesn’t roll very easily! However, it is a decent length and curves around some of the mature trees of the park down to an open space to the left of this quirky playground.

The open space at the bottom of the roller slide is one of two open spaces in the park, but apart from these spaces and the playground there isn’t much else in the park. It does have public toilets. There is plenty around the area though.


Caffe Browns near nishinohara park fujimino
Konas Coffee near Nishinohara Park Fujimino

You can pick up lunch in the nearby shops or you can indulge in lunch in one of the nearby restaurants. Bashamichi, a family restaurant, is just across the road for a non fuss, cheap and cheerful lunch. But if you want a treat I highly recommend the nearby Caffe Browns. Or if you are in the mood of a walk or have come by car, the Fujimino branch of Kona’s Coffee is a 30 minute walk or 8 minute drive away. Information on Kona’s Coffee here.

Official web page on the Fujimino City website

Nishinohara Park Access

The park is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from Tobu Tojo Line Fujimino Station.

If you are coming by car you can use the coin parking in front of Bayon. Parking is free for the first two hours. There is absolutely no parking on the road around the park. Not only are there signs and barriers to prevent you from doing so, but the park is beside the Higashi Iruma Police Headquarters and policed frequently.

Nishinohara Central Park Fujimi updated and republished in January 2019

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